Celebrating 2019

2019 marks 50 years of Tait Communications helping customers stay safe and productive. The company was established in 1969 by Sir Angus Tait, who believed that strong research and a commitment to listening to customers would build a business that stands the test of time. That vision continues as we look forward to the innovations we can bring customers in the future. Today we reflect on some of our favorite stories from 2019.

50 Years of Tait

From the beginning, Tait has looked ahead. Innovations which help customers serve their communities are a cornerstone of the business. Sir Angus Tait, who was knighted for his services to industry, was continually challenging his employees to keep moving ahead. His saying “The best is yet to come” remains a fundamental value of Tait Communications. Read more about our half-century milestone.

More Educational Resources

2019 has seen the publication of several new Tait white papers, and a new Tait Radio Academy course.  All of our new resources have been future-focused, with a strong analysis of the future of technology, and what it means for critical communications in a range of industries.

For those in mining, No Point of Failure has provided an in-depth exploration of innovation and convergence in mining communications.  Similarly, Critical Communications for Utilities discusses common challenges utilities face, the communications tools available, and what the future of communications will look like for utilities.


Radio Academy course Introduction to Unified Critical Communications explores the convergence of LMR, LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, and many other data paths to connect people for safer, more efficient workforces.  And our trend guide, Beyond Comms, takes a look at technology innovations that are likely to bring disruption to your business sooner rather than later.


New Technology

Speaking of new technology innovations, there have been a number of additions and upgrades to Tait solutions that make for a simpler, more flexible communications system.  Dual mode base stations such as TB7300 and TB9400 provide a flexible platform for communications in DMR, P25, MPT, or analog.  Offering simple and cost-effective migration options, these base stations are game-changers for making the most of your investment.

Tait GeoFencing has been a major release this year.  Automated location controlled behaviors are a powerful addition to any communications solution, already increasing our customers’ efficiency and safety in a range of industries.

Our Remote App, companion to Tait Unified Vehicle, extends your vehicle’s radio function to your smartphone via WiFi connection.  This new application is so simple, yet gives you so much flexibility as shown in this video from our Design Engineer, Max Choi.

Tait portables have always had great audio quality, and we enjoyed showing you how our Digital Noise Suppression works.  Furthermore, our new portables TP9500 and TP9600 are transforming our clients’ audio experiences with their best-in-class audio.  Dual-mic active noise cancellation and a 3W speaker has really put these portables in a league of their own.

New Products

The Tait range of portables has grown this year.  As mentioned above, the new TP9500 and TP9600 portables are best-in-class, and offer some unique capabilities such as WiFi over-the-air-programming (OTAP).  If you haven’t already, be sure to check them out.

Earlier in the year we released the TP3.  This fun little portable has been a huge hit due to its compact design, value for money, and range of personalization options.  Small businesses in particular are really making these their own with different colored cases and labels, and using a range of compatible accessories.

Client Stories

Tait Communications serves clients all over the world, and we really appreciate the chance to share client stories with our wider audience.  This year we have had some milestone projects such as completing the installation of Tait DMR Tier 3 networks for Transport for London and Newmont Goldcorp Boddington Mine.  Our work with both these clients continues as we provide Tait Managed Services that optimizes their asset utilization, staff efficiency, and investment.


The new TP3 has offered great value to small businesses, with companies like Jensen Steel using a fleet for communications among their yard staff.  They appreciate the changeable face plates and labelling, and find the radios improve efficiency and safety.

Our work with partners has really shone through this year, with a number of clients benefiting from an open standards solution, delivered by our dedicated local partners.  ALL-COMM Technologies of Massachusetts and Eastern Communications of New York installed a Tait solution that will greatly enhance the radio network, technology, redundancy, and resilience at Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid AssociationOutback Communications of New Zealand designed and installed a Tait solution for Environment Canterbury Harbormaster that has significantly increased the efficiency and safety of harbor management.  

Two USA utilities, Mason County Public Utility District 3 and Golden Valley Electrical Association, benefited from a Tait solution with consoles from Tait technology partner Essential Trading Systems.

Connection Magazine

We recently published our anniversary issue of Connection Magazine – full of interesting and informative stories from the critical communications world.  Over nearly a decade, Connection has become a well known and trusted industry resource and we are pleased to bring you issue 10 this year.  Take a look into the future of communications here.

The Best is Yet to Come

It’s been an action-packed year and we are happy to have been a source of information and solutions for critical communications users around the globe.  There’s plenty more to come and we are looking forward to sharing new innovations with you in 2020!



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