Tait TP3. Your Radio, Your Way

We have someone that we’re excited to introduce to you. This colorful little portable radio is full of personality, so we’ll let it speak for itself.

“Hi, I’m TP3! The youngest member of the Tait DMR family.

I’m the edgy, younger sibling of the Tait DMR range. I’m brighter, bolder and love to stand out from the crowd.  I’m a bit different to the rest of the family, but that’s what makes me special!

I speak both Analog and DMR Tier 2, and I’m unmistakably recognizable. I’m the most flexible, personalized, individual radio in the Tait family. I can change my look within a few minutes, whether you need a 0-key, 4- key or 16-key radio, in a great range of colors. I’m a big fan of different outfits and accessories! I look forward to meeting you!”

They said don’t judge a book by its cover, but they didn’t say anything about radios.  I think it’s important to be unique and express yourself.  That’s why I come in a range of colors, displays, and keypad options, which are so fast and simple to change.

Say you select some black radios with no keys, but a year later realize you need some of those radios to be green and have a screen and 16-key keypads.  Well, that’s not a problem.  Your radio dealer can easily and quickly change my cover and keypad at any point, ensuring you maximize the value and don’t waste your initial investment.  Work smarter not harder!

I also have plenty of space for personalized labels.  Templates are available for you to personalize with your name, organization’s logo, asset ID, bar code, call sign – or anything!  I want to be unique to you and your business, so you can show your flair, and your employees can identify their radios easily.

You can personalize my colored power-up display to display your logo, radio ID, assigned owner, or any other image. This display can also be used to select from 2000 channels for text messages, caller ID, or identifying talk groups.

Like you, I love a bargain.   I’m great value, but there’s no way I’m cutting corners on quality.  I have optional features including Bluetooth, GPS, vibration alerts, and Man Down which all enhance the safety of your workforce, and put me in a class of my own when it comes to value for money. Also if your wallet’s feeling tight, you can always purchase the lowest cost option and easily change it later on.  With an array of options to suit different budgets and requirements, I offer maximum flexibility and quality in an affordable radio.

I’m also super reliable – I’m designed to be IP67 for dust and waterproof protection, meaning you can go swimming water up to a meter for 30 minutes!  My water-shedding grill will then ensure clear audio gets through.  I have dual slot direct mode and transmit interrupt to improve channel efficiency and allow a faster response in emergency call situations.  I also offer voice and data encryption – your secrets are safe with me.

As you can see, I have an option for every pocket, so go on, click here and learn more about what I can do to keep you and your business connected.


Nice to meet you!


Learn more about the new addition to the Tait DMR family here.

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