Tait TP3 Well-Received by Steel Fabricators

The Tait TP3 is a flexible and customizable portable radio that offers great value for small businesses.  Jensen Steel Fabricators in New Zealand use a fleet of TP3s for yard communications, and have seen great benefits since they were introduced.

Jensen Steel sought new potable radios that would increase overall communications, the safety of staff, and were user-friendly.  A fleet of Tait TP3s were chosen for their value for money, range of colors, and their compact size.  The variety of accessories available was also a factor as Jensen Steel wanted a hands-free solution.

Ben Jensen, Financial Manager at Jensen Steel, has described an increase in efficiency and safety since introducing the radios.  Tasks such as spotting loads in and out of workshops and loading trucks in particular have become easier and safer.  He explains that the ergonomic and user-friendly design of the radio, along with accessories, has impressed staff and increased the amount of communications they transmit, as well as the quality.

“Using Tait radios has increased both the quality and quantity of communication for our yard staff.”

All the radios start up with the Jensen Steel logo on the screen, and different colored covers on the radios are used for different staff divisions, making them easy to identify at the start of each day.  This has also been well-received by staff and contributes to increased radio usage.

An announcement channel has been programmed in all radios so management can broadcast and ensure important messages are heard by everyone.  This safety feature is really appreciated by both staff and management.

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The Tait TP3 offers great value for money, increased safety, and more.  Explore the Top 5 Benefits of the TP3.

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