How Digital Noise Suppression Will Transform Your Audio Experience (videos)

Have you ever wondered how Tait digital noise suppression works? We made calls from inside a sound booth where the sound levels were over 120 dB (louder than the front row of a rock concert!).  Listen for yourself to clarity of audio in these video clips.



Your communications are critical, and so are the quality and legibility of those communications.  Background noises like heavy machinery, wind, alarms and sirens can seriously affect voice transmissions, yet to respond promptly in hazardous situations, there can be no time for unintelligible voice communications.  We want you to hear each call the first time to respond quickly to safety issues and keep the channel clear for other users that need to do their jobs.

We know the extreme noises surrounding those in mines, on roads, in crowds, in vehicles, and in storms.  That’s why the audio design and testing of our portables has been customer-focused for the industries we serve.

“We selected Tait digital technology due to its exceptional audio quality and ability to eliminate background sounds in noisy environments.  Furthermore the fact that Tait radios are extremely robust and come as intrinsically safe meant they are ideal for the Petrobras working environment.”

– Luiz Poleto, TGD Teleglobal, Petrobras Mine, Brazil


So how does Tait achieve superior audio quality?

Digital Vocoder and Tait Digital Noise Suppression software

Tait DMR and P25 radios use standard-compliant vocoders, which digitize the human voice and can reduce many types of background noise.  Tait 9000 radios use additional Digital Noise Suppression software to enhance clear speech and minimize background noise.

RF Performance and System Design

Tait mobiles, portables, and base stations have industry leading RF performance that improves audio performance with better coverage and less interference.  The Tait Services team can provide detailed and holistic advice on any aspect of your critical communications solution to deliver an optimized experience by design.

Programmable Settings and User Training

Tait radios have a range of programmable functions such as microphone sensitivity level, audio balance, and equalization, that can all be tailored to the operating environment.  Following proper radio etiquette can also make a big difference to received audio quality.  Our free online training is available here.



Learn the best radio operating techniques to send and receive calls clearly in this free course from Tait Radio Academy.

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