The Efficiency and Expertise behind Tait Managed Services

As the sophistication of communications systems grows, supporting this complex environment becomes increasingly costly and time consuming.  Furthermore, information security risks call for diligent communications management from professionals.  This range of skills and tools needed to manage critical communications networks has become a major distraction for many organizations globally.  With 50 years of expertise in designing and delivering complex communications networks, Tait Communications has responded to this challenge with a powerful suite of managed service solutions.

As mission critical systems have become more flexible, with IP architecture, and sophisticated performance management tools, a proactive and preventative approach can be taken to network management.  With a Tait Managed Services contract, you can future-proof your network, and ensure you receive dedicated and expert support.   Outsourcing management will optimize your asset utilization, staff efficiency, and investment.

“Our clients are now looking to us to provide the expertise to not only design and install their communications systems but to manage and support them as well.”
– Craig Clapper, President Services and Business Development, Tait Communications

Meeting your needs

A range of configurable modules are available with Tait Managed Services, allowing you, regardless of your business size and complexity, to benefit from a tailored approach to suit your specific requirements.

Furthermore, our Global Service Management Center is staffed with trained and experienced professionals using industry-leading management applications to look after your network around the clock.

Keeping your network secure

Tait Managed Services are certified for ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management System).  This international best-practice standard is for information security standards globally.

“Expectations from the market verticals we serve are continually evolving and information security is one area where we are seeing increasing customer demand for best-practice performance.  We also see this in the wider commercial regulatory sphere, with changes like Europe’s recent improvements to data privacy for citizens – the General Data Protection Regulation – being a good example.
At Tait, we’ve always had a strong security culture, with a high degree of awareness among our people and commercial partners.  We aim to continue this and ensure we gain and retain all appropriate accreditations and that good security practices remain integral to our way of working in our offices, systems and products.  Gaining certification under ISO27001 for our managed services business is an example of that determination.”
–  Ashish Dutta, Chief Information Security Officer, Tait Communications

Global Support

Tait has supplied many clients around the world with Managed Services, and we are involved in many long-term contracts.  Here is some of the work we do with our clients:

Alliant Energy

Alliant Energy in Wisconsin USA, consolidated and replaced three disparate communications systems with a Tait DMR Tier 3 solution – a major project to migrate 1300 terminals and 122 sites.  Tait EnableFleet was deployed to make it easier to perform radio configuration changes and update talk groups and firmware, including Over the Air Programming OTAP).  Alliant Energy has signed a 12 year managed services contract with Tait to monitor and support the network.

Brisbane Airport Corporation

Operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Brisbane Airport services 35 airlines flying to 84 national and international destinations.  More than 23.4 million passengers travel through the airport annually, and almost 24,000 employees work in the commercial businesses.  Expansion of the airport called for larger and more secure communications capabilities, so Tait supplied BAC with a DMR Tier 3 network to best meet the needs of this fast-growing airport.

To allow BAC to focus on managing and growing its business, Tait also provides comprehensive Tait Manage Infrastructure services, monitoring the network 24/7 from the Tait Service Management Center, and provide full network support with fault restoration.  BAC now has simplified communications management, allowing resource to be allocated to other parts of their business.  BAC also now has confidence that their communications are reliable and being looked after by experts.

Transport for London

Tait Communications has recently completed the digital upgrade of Transport for London’s (TfL) surface fleet of 9,200 red buses and network infrastructure to DMR Tier 3.  Tait was chosen by TfL to replace London’s bus radio communications with a new digital system.  The project was successfully completed by Tait in May 2019, on time and within budget.

Tait has entered into a comprehensive managed service agreement with TfL for the monitoring, management, and support of the new radio system.  The services supplied in this case gives TfL access to the extensive range of KPI reporting, monitoring and management services Tait has available from its global service management center, and on-site field services and service delivery management provided by the Tait UK based services team.

New Zealand Police

New Zealand Police (NZP) employs more than 10,000 staff around the country and uses a variety of vehicle types to police nationwide, encompassing a large land area with a wide range of terrain.  The NZP radio network needed to be upgraded from their dated conventional analog network to a trunked digital solution while also enabling the Police to continue doing their jobs effectively.

Starting with the replacement of their still-live analog network with a Tait P25 trunked network in the main urban centers, NZ Police fully outsourced the monitoring and management of the radio network to Tait.  Tait has provided New Zealand Police with a comprehensive suite of managed services for over five years, and continue to provide this 24/7.

Fire and Rescue, New South Wales

One of the world’s largest urban fire and rescue services, Fire & Rescue NSW (FRNSW) is made up of more than 6,800 fire fighters, 7,000 community fire-unit members, and 400 administrative and trades staff. It is one of the key agencies involved in most emergency or disaster events throughout the state of New South Wales (NSW), Australia. FRNSW operates more than 120 radio sites across the state—mostly in remote country areas, but also covering all major urban centers.

The organization needed to upgrade its existing end-of-life analog network, while also moving to a new spectrum band in order to comply with recent Australian Communications and Media Authority regulations.  Tait worked closely with FRNSW, conducting a high-level design and migration workshop to ensure its requirements and constraints were well understood.  As a result, Tait designed and implemented a seven-site pilot network in the Monaro region (Snowy Mountains) of NSW in just 43 working days, integrating a variety of partner products, including MiMOMax linking, for a customized solution.  Following the pilot phase Tait deployed a further six regions (60 sites) for FRNSW and three regions (42 sites) for NSW State Emergency Service (SES).  Tait monitor the new digital network from its Service Management Center in Christchurch, and provide support services to FRNSW from the Tait Brisbane office.

“As well as ending up with a new digital network with fewer faults, we now have the ability to monitor the network and report on our service levels, which has resulted in better service to our firefighters.”
– Paul Barnes, Project Sponsor and Director of IT Operations and Communications, Fire and Rescue NSW

Newmont Goldcorp Boddington

Newmont Goldcorp Boddington is a large, open-pit gold and copper mine located 75 miles (120 km) from Western Australia’s state capital, Perth. Since starting production in 2009, Boddington has become one of Australia’s largest producing goldmines. More than 2000 employees and contractors operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With over 1000 radios on the LMR network there are many different operational teams and calls to manage; 23talk groups make wide area calls across all radio sites.

Tait Managed Services provide 24/7 system monitoring, support and proactive response to minimize any interruptions of mining operations.  Regular system backups are maintained to easily recover the network if required, and back-to-back support arrangements are in place with third party vendors to ensure all aspects of the radio system are covered, not just the Tait manufactured items.

The Tait Managed Services team provides monthly performance analysis and recommendations to improve system operation and proactively manage system capacity. Extrapolation of channel usage provides recommendations on upcoming traffic channel capacity requirements for a variety of scenarios.

As you can see, the power of Tait Managed Services has reached a range of organizations worldwide.  Our dedicated and professional approach simplifies your communications management, maximizes your system performance, and optimizes your asset utilization and staff efficiency, so you can focus with confidence on your business outcomes.


There is an effective Managed Services solution for every organization.  To explore the range of services provided by Tait Communications, download our free Network Monitoring and Management Selection Guide.



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