Introducing TP9800 P25 Multiband Portables

We’re excited to announce TP9800 Multiband Portables, the lightest P25 multiband portable radios on the market. Designed to be rugged, lightweight and developed with multi-agency cooperation in mind, the TP9800 Multiband increases worker safety and productivity across multiple radio networks and frequency bands. Learn more about this exciting new product.

Multi-Agency Cooperation

Every day, disasters threaten lives, homes, and property around the world.
Whatever the emergency, teams of First Responders and Emergency Services personnel are supporting, directing, feeding, managing and communicating to keep communities safe. These dedicated teams need dedicated equipment. The TP9800 P25 Multiband Portable allows agencies like firefighters, ambulance and police to collaborate across multiple radio networks and frequency bands, without the need for additional equipment, improving safety and efficiency.

The TP9800 Multiband Portable made its first appearance at APCO 2022, where we had the chance to hear from a select audience what they thought about our new Multiband Portable. “Finally, a multiband portable”, “A real game changer”, and “This will disrupt the market” were just a few things heard from attendees to the Tait APCO booth.

We’ve also noticed a buzz of discussion in online radio forums, interesting discussions about the TP9800 Multiband portable, with speculation about what’s coming next, when, and how it compares to other products on the market.

We’re very excited to finally be able to unveil the TP9800 Multiband to everyone.

Tait TP9800

Seamless Multiband Performance

Connect across all your bands from one dynamic portable. The TP9800 Multiband Portable is configurable to operate on any combination of VHF, UHF and 700/800MHz bands. Flexible and simple ordering and deployment of single, dual, and multiband operation at time of purchase. Bands are not locked and can be reconfigured at anytime.

Rugged, Lightweight Design

Rugged, Lightweight Design

Experience the lightest P25 multiband portable radio on the market with high capacity battery and compact design. Bridge communications between agencies, or roam between network coverage areas, without the need for several bulky devices.

Why Choose TP9800 Multiband Portables?

The TP9800 features the same Tait Tough build, connectivity options, enhanced work safety, and exceptional audio that our clients expect from Tait portables, with added multiband capability. To learn more about the TP9800 Multiband Portable, follow Tait Communications LinkedIn or Facebook for more updates on this exciting product.

Tait P25 Multiband

Want to know more?

Features and details on Tait TP9800 Multiband Portables can be found on our product page.




  1. Will the TP 9800 do analog and digital like DMR II and P25?

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