6 Ways Tait delivers Value for your Taxpayers

Tait Communications works with many taxpayer funded organizations, and we consistently hear from these clients about their need to use funding wisely.  Tait solutions are designed with taxpayer value in mind, and in this post we’ll explore how your community is best served by solutions from Tait.

1. Greater Value for Money

There is a big difference between getting something cheap and getting something with value.  A cheap item may not cost you much up front, but it typically won’t last long, or work well.  Quality solutions may initially cost more, but will often save you money in the long run. Choose a solution that lasts, works well, and can do more than you expected.

Tait solutions are designed to provide significant value to our clients.  You could easily find radios that are cheaper, or indeed more expensive than ours, but it would be much harder to find another company that offers solutions with as much value as we provide.

“One of the reasons we chose Tait was the value-based solution they provided.  For instance, we got a complete VHF system, complete alphanumeric paging system, a new console system, complete trunking system, infrastructure, subscriber, services, and network management for a total cost that was under our budget.  We also had a number of other items from Tait such as spare parts and training that were all included in the proposal, increasing the value of that choice.”
–  Dean Hane, MACC 9-1-1

There is always a fine balance with taxpayer money.  You don’t want to waste it on a poor product, but you don’t want to overspend either.  Tait offers a great balance of high quality and great value pricing.

2. Tait Tough – Built to Last

Nothing is more frustrating than spending big money on a product that constantly requires repairs or easily breaks and needs replacing.  Fortunately with Tait you can trust our 50 years of experience, and the proven durability of our products.  Lower maintenance costs and less frequent replacements will be a win-win for both you and your taxpayers.

3. Protect your investment in the future

Mission critical communication systems are often in operation for ten years or more.  With that kind of long term investment, you want to ensure you select future-ready solutions that won’t need to be replaced sooner than they should.

Imagine your organization invested in an Analog Simulcast over IP system today, but then decided to migrate to P25 after a couple years.  With some suppliers, you would need to replace everything.  But with Tait, there is no need to worry your taxpayers, because with our 9400 series of products you have an easy migration path.

“We wanted something that we could expand on in the future.  We didn’t want to spend money and not be able to expand on that.  You know, we’re using taxpayer money.  We want to make sure we do the best we can with that money.”
–  Chief Eric Turner, Madison County Fire

4. Great Quality

Quality is everything at Tait.  From networks to portable radios, to the apps and software that keep our products working, we work tirelessly to ensure that everything we give you is of impeccable standard.  The results speak for themselves:

“We feel like we got the absolute best system that we can get.  And it was inexpensive.  So it’s not like it’s the best for the money.  We feel like we got the best that we could get and it was inexpensive.”
–  Matthew Gay, Madison County Fire

To learn more about our quality assurance process, make sure you check out Inside the Tait Factory: Ensuring the Quality of a Million Parts per day

5. Open Standards and Interoperability

Many states offer Public Safety officers access to a statewide network.  Because Tait follows P25 open standards, Tait portables have actually been certified to work on many networks around the world.  This is great news for your taxpayers as you are not locked into purchasing radios from the same vendor that set up the network.  This single change has saved some agencies more than 50% of their costs!

We also have other customers who own their own Tait network (P25, DMR, or AS-IP), but then use competitor portables and mobiles on that network.

Ultimately, our open-standards and multi-vendor compatibility give you choice.  You can put together the solution you need with ease, and at a cost that works for your taxpayers.

6. Improved Response Time

Communities are willing to fund public safety agencies because they help keep everyone safe.  Tait radios are known for their clear audio and reduced downtime, meaning officers can communicate quickly and efficiently.  Through voice and data applications, coverage design, redundancy, and more, Tait ensures everyone stays connected when it matters most.  Your taxpayers will feel safer, and officers will have fewer frustrations and increase their efficiency.

There are many reasons why choosing Tait will keep your taxpayers happy.  At the end of the day, you have to make a decision that you believe will be the best for your organization and your community.  We hope that you, like many happy customers around the world, choose to make Tait part of your solution.



Tougher, more robust communication supports and protects your community, reduces the risk of costly outages, and allows more efficient use of increasingly-constrained resources.

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