Client Story: Why Madison County Fire upgraded to Tait Analog Simulcast over IP system

Madison County Fire had issues with redundancy and coverage. Since they provide fire protection to the entire county and also manage first responder calls for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and other organizations, their network had to be reliable. A solution has to be found.

Madison County Fire provides protection to the Tennessee county that covers 540 square miles. Part of their responsibility also included managing the first responder calls for EMS and other organizations. In the last year, they ran about 1200 calls and have received more calls each year for the last six years. Madison county has 17 fire stations with 180 personnel and 64 apparatus.

According to Matthew Gay, the Maintenance Manager for Madison County, they had a single-site conventional analog repeater and a single 300-foot tower to cover the entire county. Coverage was also an issue. They needed a system that would provide great coverage, redundancy and cost-effective.

Together with Mike Badgett and B&E Electronics, they decided on a Tait Analog Simulcast over IP (AS-IP) system. The network included four sites, offering greater redundancy and reliability, a clear upgrade path for the future, and better coverage.

The case study video above explains the outcome of their decision – how the system they selected made best use for taxpayer money. A solution that future proofed their needs and is expandable when they are ready.

Thanks to the Analog Simulcast overlay, if they decide to upgrade to P25, they’ll still be able to use their pagers without losing any coverage. Chief Eric Turner says,

“We can save a lot of money with this upgrade path. We’re pleased with the coverage we have with our pagers, and it’s nice to know we won’t be sacrificing that if we migrate to P25.”


If you’re looking for more information on P25 coverage, you can download our free white paper “P25 Simulcast coverage explained“.





The detailed solution overview and technical details of this case study can be seen on our client story page for Madison County.

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