Inside the Tait factory: ensuring the quality of a million parts per day

Tait serves organizations around the world with high-quality products designed and built in our Christchurch, New Zealand headquarters. Since not everyone gets a chance to visit our factory, we’re often asked for some insight into how our manufacturing process works.

Designing and developing our products in-house allows us to be agile, flexible, and complete quick turnarounds for our customers. This is no small feat, considering that parts of our factory produce around a million parts per day, and each product undergoes multiple quality checks along the production line. To keep up with this demand, areas of the Tait factory operate 24 hours a day, five days a week.

“Quality is built into everything that we do, but we check everything anyway.”

-Dean Mischewski, Tait Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Watch below for a more in-depth look at how we ensure quality, and do our best to use lean manufacturing to keep costs down for our customers.

We’ve also put together another short video showing our assembly process, and how it ensures our customers receive the highest-quality products.

Watch as a Tait portable radio and base station get built from start to finish, making their way down the production line from our specialized machinery to their final assembly and checks by our highly-skilled operators.

Read the original behind the scenes post with Tait Production Manager Aaron Robinson, or step inside our Christchurch headquarters for a closer look at where your Tait products come from.

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