Tait engineer’s initiative leads to greener packaging

A greener packaging solution for Tait base stations has been adopted following some diligent work by our Christchurch headquarters-based Design Engineer Malcolm Falconer.

Instead of being shipped inside a foam insert, the TB7300 equipment will be packed in a molded structure formed of recycled paper fiber, much like the material used for egg cartons. Testing showed the new insert outperforms the current foam insert in protecting the valuable equipment from vibration and being dropped.

“I was thinking there must be a more environmentally friendly way to package our base station products as opposed to the current solution of using a foam insert,” Malcolm says.

A Tait base station in the new packaging


Molded fiber packaging is extensively used for fruit packing in New Zealand, but the makers weren’t interested in working with Malcolm because the demand didn’t meet their requirements. Unwilling to give up, he persisted in locating a supplier.

“I found an overseas supplier who I worked with to design a very innovative solution with two identical halves which interlock to protect our TB7300 base station through rough transport situations,” Malcolm says.

As a result, the TB7300 and TB7100 packaging will now be totally recyclable.

“This initiative aligns with Tait’s drive to be more sustainable and environmentally conscious and I’m keen to implement recyclable packaging through the other base station products,” Malcolm says.

The innovation earned Malcolm recognition across the organization, as he was nominated for and awarded a One Tait Award. Each quarter, the One Tait Awards are given to individuals and teams across the business who truly live out our core values.

Tait Design Engineer Malcolm Falconer with his innovative, green packaging solution

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