Tait Communications: Our Core Values

For decades, Tait has held to three core values: Commitment to Listen, Courage to Act, and Integrity to Deliver what we promise. Inspired by our founder, Sir Angus Tait, ​our values drive the way we aim to interact with our customers, employees, and the communities in which we operate. While we’re not always perfect in living these values, it is something we constantly strive to achieve.

Today we would like to explain what these values mean to us and provide some examples of how we’ve lived them out.

Commitment to Listen

Every Tait customer has unique needs, lives in distinct geographies and topographies, and works to achieve specific goals. Because of this, we know that one size does not fit all. That’s why we listen to our customers and design solutions that enable clear communication and support the unique needs of each organization.

Dean Hane manages the MACC 9-1-1 radio communications infrastructure and system, dispatch console system and first responder subscriber equipment. He described the importance of the Tait commitment to listen and meeting their requirements:

“When I look back, Tait provided a very robust design. We now have an emergency radio communications system that has been designed around our functionality and critical communications requirements. I am very happy with Tait and what the partnership has achieved for public safety in Grant County.”

Courage to act

Technology is changing, and the needs of our customers are changing as well. Here at Tait, we’re not waiting around to see what the next big thing is. Instead, we push technology forward, investing significantly into research and development to innovate and create communication solutions that exceed expectations. Everything we create is based around the idea of protecting people, property, and productivity.

Innovations like EnableFleet (our OTAP and radio fleet management software), Tait UnifiedVehicle, and our AS-IP solution are all about improving safety and productivity. Check out how one Utility company described their new Tait solution below. Not only did Tait unlock abilities that weren’t possible before, but their system is also ready to adapt in the future.

Another great example comes from the following Fire Agency. Tait provided customized short message functionality that has increased their productivity and enhanced safety.

Integrity to deliver

Communications solutions can take months to plan and install. Complications can be inevitable, but at Tait we don’t hide behind contracts or charge hidden fees. We work alongside our customers to create value, to ensure your solution does what it is supposed to, and we stand beside the life our solutions.

One great example is Jim Wells County. Judge Saenz explained the situation well:

“When we faced a significant challenge at the end of the project implementation, Tait identified the problem and found a way to fix it. It wasn’t their issue, but they weren’t going to leave us and we worked together as a team until the problem was solved. I can’t say enough about the Tait people and how they hung in there with us.”

In summary, people often ask what makes Tait unique or special as a company. The answer, we believe, is our people. While Tait staff come from different places and live all around the world, we are united by our belief in our core values.

If you’re interested in learning more about Tait, you can visit our about page or contact us at anytime.

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