10 Reasons Public Safety Agencies are Choosing Tait

Public Safety Radio - Tait CommunicationsWith 49 years’ industry experience, Tait is a world leader in unifying mission critical communications. Public Safety agencies around the world choose Tait to meet their communication needs. Here are the ten common reasons why they choose our global team of experts:

1) Our Tait Tough radios

Tait clients operate in some of the world’s most dangerous environments. The last thing you need to worry about is the functionality of your communications. Our radios are designed and tested to withstand extreme wear and tear so you can be confident that your radio users can communicate when they need it most.

As Daniel Cole of Panola County said, “In Panola County we’re not real gentle with our equipment. We needed some equipment that would be able to take a beating and keep working. Since we implemented the Tait radios, I’ve been 100% confident in them…the Tait radios have never failed. We’ve had zero complaints, everybody loves them.” Learn more about specifications and our tough tests at www.TaitTough.com.

2) Our commitment to our customers

We believe mission critical organizations are vital to our safety, productivity, and way of life, and so we make serving them a top priority. Our clients know they can trust Tait to deliver the right solutions for their needs, and consistently exceed their expectations. We won’t sell you things you don’t need, and we won’t quit until the job is completed to your satisfaction.

Steve Schmidt, the IT Manager for San Luis Obispo, described Tait customer service by saying, “I’ve worked with a lot of different companies over the years and I have never worked with a company as customer-focused as Tait.”

3) Integrations with LTE and WiFi

Many Public Safety agencies are already taking advantage of broadband data applications to increase efficiency and allow officers to spend more time in the community. National data networks like FirstNet are being built in multiple countries, meaning that mission critical agencies will only use data more.

Tait is committed to unifying critical communications for public safety organizations and is doing just that with solutions like Tait TeamPTT and  Tait Unified Vehicle. By integrating LMR with LTE and WiFi, we’re making it easier than ever before to communicate both voice and data reliably.

Learn more about Tait Broadband Solutions.

4) Our end-to-end design, manufacture, and deployment

Tait systems are optimized to work in unison and we are involved in every step of the process from design and manufacturing to deployment and management. We stand behind all of our products because we built them ourselves, pouring all our passion and innovation into creating communication tools for you.

5) We’ve got you covered

Coverage is important for mission critical organizations. No firefighter wants to be caught inside a burning building without communications, and no police officer wants to be involved in a pursuit without a working radio either. Tait coverage design, along with our industry leading networks, can improve your coverage and keep your people connected.

Matthew Gay, the Maintenance Manager for Madison County, said it this way: “Before you had to look for places where you could talk on a portable. Now I’m trying to look for places where I can’t, and I haven’t found any yet.”

6) Our expertise in building resilient networks

Rigorous testing, excellent support and features such as a built in redundancy in our base stations ensures that your network does not fail. Our P25 solutions are created with reliability and resilience in mind. Network coverage is also incredible, with most agencies experiencing a dramatic increase after choosing Tait for their network design.

Mark Mitchell, Police Inspector for Kawartha Lakes Police Service in Canada, described their system this way: “Our Tait radio system provides our officers with the reliable communications platform that we require at all times.”

Public Safety Tait

7) Genuine P25 interoperability

Tait is committed to unifying your critical communications, even if that includes another vendors’ products. We engineer our solutions to deliver genuine P25 interoperability, proven by our CAP testing program. Our clients are never locked into proprietary technologies, so they can evolve their communications with maximum flexibility.

Robert Stack, Director of Enhanced 911 for the City of Lexington in Kentucky, described the importance of open standards. “Proprietary systems had also hamstrung agency decision making. They could buy only one brand of portable or mobile. When it was time to buy spare parts for a system there was no choice but to go back to the vendor and pay whatever price they wanted to charge. We didn’t want that situation again so we were very specific that we were looking for open standards in everything that we did, that we were looking for non-proprietary features as much as possible so that we could get the best price and be good stewards of our taxpayers’ money.”

8) Our comprehensive partnering program

Tait partners with leading technology companies to provide the very best solutions. An open-standards environment and rigorous compatibility testing guarantees interoperability with industry leaders such as Avtec, Cisco, Cassidian, and Zetron. Together, we deliver world-class solutions that can save as much as 30% compared to a single-vendor solution.

In North America, many Public Safety agencies look to our partnership with Harris Corporation for the greater variety of solutions we can offer. Together, the Harris-Tait partnership can offer Analog Simulcast over IP, P25 Conventional, P25 Trunked, Single or Multiband radios, and even LTE or WiFi integrated solutions.  Learn more about the different Tait partners and our solutions for Public Safety.

9) Great value

Value isn’t about the lowest price; it’s about the right solution at the right price. We don’t design to use your entire budget, but rather to meet your needs.

Dean Hane, the Emergency Radio Communications Manager for MACC 9-1-1, explained their decision this way, “Mr Hane says, “We wanted a solutions partner that would provide several values such as expertise, professionalism and the ability to deliver. With a huge investment like this we wanted to make sure the vendor we chose was going to be a long-term partner. With these decision points in mind, we chose Tait.”

10) Our future-proof solutions

Clients feel secure investing in Tait as they know it is not a dead-end relationship or wasted investment. We provide every client with a stronger, smarter, simpler and more mobile solution that future-proofs their critical communications infrastructure. For instance, a customer selecting an AS-IP solution today has the best possible migration path for a P25 solution tomorrow – the 9400 series is fully upgradeable.

Not only that, our next generation platforms like Tait Unified Vehicle will ensure officers can use the devices they want in a way that is simple and efficient. Open APIs and the Tait AppBuilder give organizations total flexibility in creating and developing tools that solve their problems, now and in the future. And Tait management tools like Tait EnableFleet make it easy to deploy updates across your entire fleet, ensuring your portables and mobiles are kept current.

Tait EnableFleet added value to our business and was a great asset in managing the deployment of new radio configurations. The simplicity in being able to set the configuration for each radio eliminated mistakes in programming and gave us confidence that the deployment was being undertaken efficiently and without error. Not only was the deployment made easier for the installers in not having to manage multiple files in the field, we now have far greater reporting on the state of devices in terms of Hardware, Firmware and Configuration.”
–Tony Howard, Solution Specialist, St John New Zealand

If you would like to discuss a solution for unifying your critical communications, contact us today.


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