Lea County Electric Cooperative, Inc. (LCEC) is a utility company energizing over 16,000 meters in portions of 6 counties in Southeastern New Mexico and West Texas, USA. It has offices in Lovington, Tatum and Plains.

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Strong partnerships are vital to delivering the flexibility and value that our clients expect from their critical communications solution. We’re proud of the technology and distribution partnerships we have around the world, and we’re pleased to showcase one of our partners, Logic Wireless, illustrating a range of solutions and the effort that goes in to making it all happen. Continue Reading

Tait Communications has a growing network of Tait Solution Providers, or TSPs. These organizations exist to serve their local areas by providing complete turnkey solutions for mission-critical organizations.

One example is Stolz Telecom. They started in 2009 in the state of Oklahoma and have grown to 13 employees in both Oklahoma and Texas.

Founder and Vice President, Robert Stolz, describes what they can do with an example. “One of the centers we just completed, Caddo County 911, started with nothing. It was a brand new 911 center. We did the networking,... Continue Reading