Tait Solution Partner Spotlight: Stolz Telecom

stolz_telecomTait Communications has a growing network of Tait Solution Providers, or TSPs. These organizations exist to serve their local areas by providing complete turnkey solutions for mission-critical organizations.

One example is Stolz Telecom. They started in 2009 in the state of Oklahoma and have grown to 13 employees in both Oklahoma and Texas.

Founder and Vice President, Robert Stolz, describes what they can do with an example. “One of the centers we just completed, Caddo County 911, started with nothing. It was a brand new 911 center. We did the networking, network cabling, furniture, 911 equipment, mapping, radio dispatch tower, and all the radios – providing them a turnkey solution for a brand new 911 center.”

Stolz is also putting together an eighty site, state-wide radio system. They’ve just begun the build with three Tait P25 sites, and plan to provide the radio network as a hosted service for their customers in Oklahoma.

Get a Behind-the-Scenes look by watching the video below, or visit their website at Stolz Telecom to learn more. A complete list of Tait Authorized Solution Partners and Resellers can be found on the Tait website.

Video Transcript:
Robert: Hi, I’m Robert Stolz, the Vice President of Stolz Telecom. Welcome to Stolz Telecom, and I’m going to give you a quick tour today.

We started in 2009, and we’ve grown from one employee to 13 employees in two states. You’re in our server room now. This is actually an F5 rated storm shelter. We built it purposely as a storm shelter and a server room because we have some customers that want to provide some offsite storage for their networking equipment. We’re also working on staging a three site P25 Tait system currently. This is part of our 80 site, state-wide radio system that we’re going to provide as a hosted service to our customers in Oklahoma.

This is our shop area. This is where our outfit division outfits vehicles for our customers. We can update everything, install everything from light sirens, full service radios, consoles, computers, anything that you would need as a public safety agency in a vehicle, we can provide.

Samuel: Well, I think our reputation speaks for itself that I’ve been with Stolz for a little over four years. And the quality of work that we do and the superior product that we put out is unsurpassed, and definitely not matched by anyone here in the state of Oklahoma.

Robert: We can pretty much provide a turnkey solution. One of the centers we just did, we did Caddo County 911, which they had nothing…it was a brand new 911 center. They had never had 911 in the county before. We went in and did the networking, network cabling, furniture, 911 equipment, mapping, radio dispatch tower, all the radios and pretty much provided them a turnkey solution for a brand new 911 center.

John: I think because of the time that Stolz Telecom has been in business, they’ve developed a reputation for quality and standing behind what they do.

Robert: I’d just invite you to take a look at some of our existing works with some of our current customers, and speak to some of our customers and get some insight on how we interact with them, and how we take care of them as a customer.

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