Strong Partnerships Delivering Valuable Customer Outcomes

Strong partnerships are vital to delivering the flexibility and value that our clients expect from their critical communications solution. We’re proud of the technology and distribution partnerships we have around the world, and we’re pleased to showcase one of our partners, Logic Wireless, illustrating a range of solutions and the effort that goes in to making it all happen.

Across Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Logic Wireless have been driving a whirlwind of activity all aimed at delivering high quality innovative solutions.

Logic Wireless supported an international sailing event in 5 different countries culminating in France with a Tait Tier 3 DMR solution. Together with Ondacoms, a complete 2 site DMR Tier 3 system with over 200 terminals was deployed in less than 72 hours. “Extremely fast to configure and deploy” is wonderful feedback.

A short film production ‘The Meek’, filmed in New Zealand has also benefitted from using Tait portable radios, assisting the film crew’s communication across multiple locations and sets.

Tait TP3 portables can be easily personalized for every customer, and it is great to see these custom-made labels for Basketball New Zealand.

Environment Canterbury Harbourmaster is using a PTToC solution thanks to Logic Wireless and Outback Communications.

Logic Wireless has also worked alongside Comtech in Fiji to deliver a Tait DMR multi-site system with a Crosswire console.


So much hard work goes on behind the scenes to deliver high value, high quality solutions for Tait customers, and Logic Wireless have made a number of focused investments to make this happen.

Tait and Logic Wireless hosted DMR technical training recently for dealers in New Zealand. Conferences have also been held in New Zealand and the United Kingdom to ensure our dealers are informed about the latest Tait solutions.

Logic Wireless have invested in training their Australian staff on Tait over the air programming, as well as equipping them with a new showroom to for training and customer demonstrations on a range of products.

Tait and Logic Wireless also demonstrated to customers at the International Mining and Resources Conference and Expo in Melbourne Australia.

Logic Wireless Director Scott Heywood, says, “We’ve enjoyed working closely with Tait over the last 10 years, the relationship has come a long way. The level of collaboration is significant and achieving some really encouraging results.”

The close partnerships and knowledge sharing between Tait, Logic Wireless, and our dealer network will continue to deliver innovation and value for the clients that we share.

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