APCO 2023: Making Noise in Music City

The Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International’s annual conference for 2023 has drawn to a close, and it has proven to be yet another groundbreaking event for professionals involved in public safety communications. Held in Nashville, Tennessee, this year’s gathering offered attendees an in-depth look into the present and future of emergency communication services

At Tait Communications, we were proud to exhibit and become a sponsor of the show. Our booth was a hub of activity, showcasing our latest advancements and offering insights into the future of radio communication. During the show, we had the pleasure of connecting with a wide array of industry professionals and end users, allowing them to gain first-hand experience with our product range. And those who attended were able to have hands-on previews of exclusive products to come. Read on for highlights from the show!

A Theme Centered Around You

Tait believes that you should have the power to shape and control your radio system and none other. This year’s theme centered around the freedom of choice we give customers to build a system that’s best for them and not be restricted by their manufacturer or held back by proprietary systems. Tait further enables customers by providing flexible products and solutions, allowing you to easily migrate to your ideal communications system. With a nexus of solutions at your fingertips, you have the opportunity to forge your own communications path.

TP9800 Multiband Portable Radio

The TP9800 Multiband Portable Radio has recently hit the market and it’s already making waves across the industry. This rugged, lightweight device is configurable to operate on any combination of VHF, UHF and 700/800mHz bands. APCO attendees were able to see first-hand the portable’s ergonomic design and exceptional audio. Want to learn more about this dynamic radio? Click the link below!

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Exclusive Previews

Tait had no shortage of exclusive, upcoming products on display at APCO 2023. From new portables to exciting accessories, booth visitors were able to see and hear about all the big things on the horizon. Here’s a breakdown of what was featured at the show!

TP9900 Multi-Protocol Portable Radio Preview

You asked, and we listened. The TP9900 Multiband and Multi-Protocol Radio is in development and we were proud to showcase this exclusive product on the booth. Operating smoothly between P25 and DMR with exceptional audio and a host of other features, APCO attendees were able to experience one of the hottest products coming to the market. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements surrounding the TP9900 in the months to come!

New Color Control Heads & Accessory Previews

Also on display were our new mobile control heads! Featuring enhanced color displays and user-friendly controls, these compact control heads offer users an intuitive experience. Operational for both P25 and DMR, the control heads come in three variations, including options with a speaker or keypad on a remote head, or a speaker local mount head.

In addition to our portables, mobiles and infrastructure on display, we also featured a wide range of up-and-coming accessories. Exhibit attendees were able to get demonstrations from our new Hearing Protection Headset, as well as the Bluetooth Body Microphone and C-C550 Savox Microphone, allowing firefighters to quickly push to talk with cumbersome gloves. Indeed, the accessories featured were nothing to gloss over. Keep an eye out for more information and announcements about these great products!

Handsfree R5 Preview

Partnering with Handsfree Group, Tait had the pleasure of exhibiting an exclusive demo of the Handsfree R5, an in-vehicle solution for mission-critical communications, including LTE features such as PTT, voice, data and video services. Seamlessly integrating with vehicle functions and peripherals, including lights, sirens, ANPR, PA systems, cameras and much more, the Handsfree R5 is also able to display essential applications, such as Tait TeamPPT and HANDSFREE D2D. Together, these applications provide a seamless communication experience between the R5 accessories and Tait P25 radios. Learn more about this revolutionary device by checking out the link below.

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Tait Experts from All Over the Globe

From product managers to engineers, booth visitors were able to meet with Tait professionals from all over the world, including top executives from our New Zealand headquarters and beyond! Yoram Benit, Chief Executive Officer of Tait Communications, took the time to meet with industry professionals, offering personalized discussions and insights. Tait Communications prides itself on our passion to engage with audiences from all across the company and give attendees meaningful interactions and experiences.

And to top off a successful show, we were overjoyed to receive a trophy for sponsorship commitments at APCO 2023. We’d like to thank the Association for recognizing us with this award and we look forward to supporting future events!

Tait Communications was thrilled to exhibit at APCO 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee. As one of the leading events in the public safety communications industry, it presented an excellent opportunity for Tait to highlight our latest technologies and solutions. Participating in APCO not only enabled us to connect with existing clients but also to engage with potential customers and industry leaders. The event was a testament to our commitment to continuously evolve and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of public safety communications.

We look forward to seeing you again at APCO 2024, held in Orlando, Florida, as well as other exciting events like IWCE and much more! For now, we say goodbye to beautiful Nashville, Tennessee, and look forward to engaging with you soon!

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