Tait P25 Multiband Excels at Worker Safety – Shipping now

The new TP9800 P25 Multiband Portable is shipping now. It includes a host of worker safety features to help officers & first responders stay safe and productive in the most challenging conditions. Learn more about how this feature rich portable keeps users safe.

Communicate On Multiple Bands or Networks

Multi-agency cooperation and response is a key benefit of Multiband Portables. Multi-agency cooperation is paramount for communities, like in the US, where a disaster that overwhelms local first response agencies can be supplemented with assistance from neighboring agencies. With all responding agencies connected by a single talk group, public safety officers can focus their attention on the crisis at hand, and not juggling communications devices.

Multiband radios can also keep workers safe and connected over larger jurisdictions. Agencies like Highway Patrol that operate over wide areas may have secured one radio frequency in part of their operational area, and a different frequency in another. Multiband radios allow officers to be safe and effective while roaming between different frequency bands, without the need for multiple radios.

Man Down

Each TP9000 portable includes the popular Man Down functionality, protecting users working in hazardous environments by utilizing tilt sensors and timers to recognize a change in behavior and orientation to inform dispatch or surrounding teams of a worker who may be in danger. If someone falls and gets hurt and cannot call for help themself, Man Down will send an automated alert to dispatch for assistance.

Lone Worker

Much like Man Down, Lone Worker functionality is critical for worker safety when out in the field. When Lone Worker mode is on, workers will be prompted to ‘check in’ through their portables at intervals programmed by your dispatch team. If a worker does not respond within the timeframe, an alarm is triggered at dispatch that they may be in danger. Lone Worker functionality is available with TP9800 series portables.

Location Services and Tait GeoFencing

Location Services enable you to accurately track your assets as they move around the field, knowing where your key people and assets are located is important during normal operations but vital during emergencies. Integrated location solutions enhance worker safety and reduce incident response times so you can act faster when it’s most crucial.

Indoor and Outdoor Location Services are available for all Tait radios. Each portable supports satellite based location services for outdoor operations on P25, DMR, and analog networks. Portables can also utilize iBeacons for indoor location services with mapping applications showing the location of your workforce both indoors and outdoors.

Tait radios also feature Tait GeoFencing, an application that controls workflow automation based on location. This powerful capability increases efficiency and worker safety by automatically triggering tasks based on predefined conditions and locations. Devices are equipped with GNSS satellite positioning compatibility. Your Tait radio fleet can then be programmed to trigger custom automated workflows when devices enter or exit specific locations within an operational area. These predefined locations, or ‘geofences’ can trigger actions based on hazards, restricted access areas, speed limits, or any other location specific behavior. This automation lowers the impact of human error in the workplace, improving worker safety and efficiency. 

Read more about how Tait GeoFencing is being utilized by a Large Central City Campus in London, UK.

Long Battery Shift Life

The Tait TP9800 Multiband Portable has up to 18 hours of operating life with the high capacity battery, helping keep your workers on long shifts in remote areas safe and connected. Compact, easily transportable spare batteries can multiply a device’s shift-life even further.

Loud, Clear Audio

Hear and be heard even in the most extreme environments, with a powerful 3W speaker, and dual microphone ANC (active noise cancellation) that removes background noise from outgoing calls. In the worst of conditions, emergency calls can save lives, so it’s paramount that they get through loud and clear.

Tait Tough Logo, Tait Tough Portable radio on the ground surround by mud.

Built Tait Tough

Tait customers work in some of the most challenging environments around the world, so it’s important to be able to trust your comms equipment. That’s why Tait Multiband portables are built Tait Tough with IP65 and IP68 dust and water protection, shock-absorbing corner protection and military standard ratings for temperature, air pressure, humidity, vibration and shock.

The Tait TP9800 P25 Multiband can keep officers operating effectively during regular shifts, and help get them home safely from their worst shifts.

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