Client Specific Development: Solving Unique Problems

Every mission critical organization faces unique challenges to keeping their teams safe and productive. Tait offers custom solutions to make sure the communications equipment our customers use are fit for their unique purpose.

Extreme geography, technology limitations, noisy environments – any number of factors can mean a typical off the shelf product may not meet the demands of your field workers.

Tait radios and networks are designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of industries, but when it comes to creating communications systems that can be absolutely relied upon, one size does not fit all.

The experienced engineers at Tait Communications relish the opportunity to create new solutions to solve the challenges our customers face. Let’s take a look at some recent examples:

Custom Indoor Location Solutions

In mines, tunnels, and secure buildings, it’s vital to know the location of your workers to keep them safe. To provide a European company specializing in solving traffic problems with a way to determine locations inside a tunnel, the Tait CSD team developed a custom indoor location solution. 

The solution combines custom firmware in Tait radios with Bluetooth® Low Energy beacons strategically placed at equal distances across the tunnel. These beacons all have unique IDs that correspond to their specific locations in the tunnel. 

In the control room a central mapping application then determines the exact location of the radios based on the location information provided by the Bluetooth® beacons. CSD also added some clever functionality that allows the radios to switch between GPS and indoor locations when GPS is detected and Bluetooth® is not, and vice versa.

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New Zealand Land Search and Rescue

New Zealand Land Search and Rescue (LandSAR) have relied on Tait radios for years, New Zealand’s beautiful remote terrain can lead to missteps and wrong turns and it’s up to NZ LandSAR to locate the lost, missing and injured. 

In the past, Tait has provided NZ LandSAR with rugged portable radios to keep them safe while performing search operations in remote areas. LandSAR experienced an issue with information being transmitted via a third-party radio. Tait responded promptly and sat down with members of LandSAR to define their operations requirements. 

Thanks to the custom solutions designed by Tait engineers, LandSAR is able to communicate with a wide group of cooperating organizations during search operations. The challenges created by remote terrain, long shifts, and inter-agency cooperation are mitigated by transportable chargers, repeaters, and integration with the third-party software, SAR Track.

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Custom Software

Tait offers software customization to add unique functionality and value to your comms system. Each organization has their own unique requirements and operations that can’t be met by one solution alone.

There are many reasons why you might require custom software to meet the needs of your work environment. Here is how Newmont Goldcorp Boddington Mine have utilized a custom solution to ensure the safety of their workers:

Whether in an open pit or underground, mining sites are challenging and dangerous environments, and blasting is one of the most hazardous activities mining teams undertake. To warn workers of impending blasts, the Newmont Goldcorp Boddington mine in Western Australia required the implementation of a blast tone that is sent out over their DMR Tier 3 radio network.

In the past, these blast tones were transmitted from a central location; the alert tone may become degraded if the receiving radio is on the edge of the network’s coverage area or the network is busy. To ensure alerts come through crisp and loud across the entire Boddington mining site, Tait developed a custom software solution on the AppBuilder platform.

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