Every mission critical organization faces unique challenges to keeping their teams safe and productive. Tait offers custom solutions to make sure the communications equipment our customers use are fit for their unique purpose.

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Tait offers software customization to add unique functionality and value to your communications system. We understand each organization has their own unique requirements, and not all challenges can be met with the same stock solutions. 

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As LMR networks grow in capability and become increasingly interconnected with a variety of software and systems, network management needs a whole new approach.  Proactively managing and supporting your network is an effective way to safeguard your communications system, and decrease the risk of interruptions that affect business efficiency and worker safety.  Tait Enable is a revolutionary suite of management tools that gives you this control of your radio network. 

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Critical infrastructure enterprises are experiencing rapid change in communications technology and a corresponding explosion in information. These trends present opportunities to improve service delivery, but also significant challenges in managing all of that change. Meeting the challenge requires the collaboration of technology providers.

Tait has been breaking new ground with an innovative approach to delivering applications for Public Safety. The approach has been to host a series of “AppStorm” days that bring clients, application partners, geeks and gurus together in one room... Continue Reading