Migrate to a Modern Public Safety Network, Easily

Upgrading your communications network can be a daunting task, but Tait makes it easy to overhaul your entire comms system; piece by piece, or all at once.

Many public safety agencies rely on aging analog radio networks, with the assumption that migrating to a modern network is expensive, necessitates major hardware changes, and incurs extended network downtime. That doesn’t need to be the case.

Tait genuinely supports open standards, so you are not locked into proprietary hardware or software. Open standards enable you to utilize a mix of different vendors’ equipment to compile the best solution for your unique needs. Your comms system is an investment, and open standards ensure a longer return on that investment, and the ability to upgrade individual components of your network where needed.

A lineup of members of New Zealand Public AgenciesNationwide P25 Radio Network Upgrade

Tait has a long history of network migrations with public safety agencies, learn more about the latest Radio Infrastructure upgrade for New Zealand Public Safety Agencies.

The Tait range of radios and infrastructure is designed to ensure smooth and seamless migration from your existing radio solution to a modern network. Tait Base Stations are some of the most flexible on the market, enabling multi-mode flexibility, a simple and cost effective migration option.

Migration options for radio base sttaions

The TB9400 Base station offers impressive flexibility and capability. It can be programmed to operate in analog, P25 Phase 1, P25 Phase 2, or even DMR mode. It provides the additional capabilities of Linear Simulcast Modulation for enhanced coverage, and P25 Phase 2 Trunking for efficient use of radio spectrum.

Because the TB9400 operates in so many modes, it can be installed into your existing analog network today, and only switched to P25 when you’re ready to take that step, minimizing communications downtime.

The world is constantly evolving and it’s critical that essential industries like public safety keep up. New threats emerge in cyber security, natural disasters, and violent crime. These agencies need to keep pace with the range of challenges and needs of the public. 

Many agencies are comfortable with their existing analog networks, and that’s totally understandable. Your workforce is bound to be more familiar with their current tools. Change is perceived as risky, but Tait has a long history of making network migrations painless for public safety agencies around the world

Advantages of P25 Phase 2

Tait P25 Phase 2 is the ideal radio technology for many public safety agencies. It offers:

  • Greater Spectral Efficiency
  • Trunked Technology
  • Backward Phase 1 Compatibility
  • True Interoperability

Tait P25 Phase 2 branding Learn more about P25 Phase 2 today

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