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Tait Radio users work tough jobs. Police, Fire, Emergency services, Resource extraction, and Utility workers face challenging conditions every day. They need comms equipment that is as tough as their jobs are. That’s why Tait engineers have worked together to build the toughest mission critical grade radios ever made.

Our Tait Tough radios have been tested and proven to survive, even in the harshest environments.  A drop from 330 feet (100 meters), or run over by a tank? No problem. With Tait, you can trust that your people can communicate whenever they need to, and their comms equipment goes the distance with them.

Want to see more of the Tait portable being put through its paces? Check out Tait Tough Test Videos.

We needed rugged radios. Any police officer knows that your radio gets knocked over all the time. It can fly off your belt when you are running in pursuit, it can fall off your desk and on the ground, incidents like that happen all the time. Tait radios proved tough. Frank Kiernan, Director of Emergency Communications, City of Meriden, CT, USA

What should I look for in a Portable Radio?

The trusty portable radio has been an indispensable piece of equipment for workers in a range of industries for decades. As technology advances, so have the available features for these devices. However there are some features that above all must not be compromised on:

  • Audio Quality – Important calls must be loud and clear
  • Connectivity – What networks are available to you?
  • Worker Safety Features – Man-down & Loneworker, nothing is more vital
  • Build Quality – Can your radio survive you workplace?
  • User Experience – Is this device easy to use?

Tait has endeavored to make our P25 & DMR portables last the test of time and work conditions to match. Interoperability and Build Quality are some of the largest considerations made by Tait to ensure that a device overhaul is not required with every improvement to a network or device. Being mindful of changes in technology and network capabilities is important, can your radio evolve if the needs of your industry changes? Can you trust the device in your hand? We cover this and more in our Portable Radio Selection Guide.

Utility Linesman in Hi-Vis and Hard Hat looking down at Portable Radio during adverse weather conditions.

Putting our Radios to the Test

  • We drop them from 6 feet (2 meters) onto concrete – that’s 50% higher than the military standard specification test. We drop each radio dozens of times ensuring that the durability of everything from battery and antenna fittings to internal components and the screen. The military standard MIL-STD-810G refers to protection against: low pressure, Low temperature, High temperature, Temperature shock, Solar radiation, Rain, Humidity, Salt fog, Dust, Vibration and shock.
  • Tait portable radios feature various IP (Ingress Protection) ratings for water and dust protection. IP68 rating can be immersed in water at a depth of two meters for thirty minutes, and a depth of three feet (1 meter) for two hours. IP67 can be immersed in water at a depth of one meter for thirty minutes, and IP65 can withstand water jets pumping 3.3 gallons (12.5 litres) per minute from three meters for at least three minutes.
  • Every component is selected and tested so the radio can endure harder knocks and more extreme temperatures. The radios are assembled and tested in our own factory, delivering maximum quality where it matters most.

Protect your most valuable resource

Your people are your most valuable resource, nothing is more vital. Clear, concise communications in disaster situations can be the difference between life and death. Tait portable radios offer a host of features to keep your workforce safe and productive. Built-in GPS capability for location data with on-screen display, transmission and GeoFencing – Automated Location Controlled Radio Behavior. Automated alarms like Man Down and Lone Worker provide a virtual safety net. A one-touch emergency button can send an instant request for assistance.

There’s a hundred-percent confidence in the Tait Communications system that people are going to be able to get through when they need to.
Rick Dobbe, Communications Engineer, Black Hills Power, South Dakota

Tait Tough Logo, Tait Tough Portable radio on the ground surround by mud.Learn more about the toughest portable radios in the industry.

Download our Portable Radio Selection Guide here.


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