Automated Workflows: Practical Edge Computing

Automating crucial workflows that would typically be done manually mitigates human error and improves safety & efficiency. Leverage the application processing power of TAIT AXIOM Mobile, and all of your edge computing devices.

Critical industries face a wide range of challenges every day. Many of these can be minimized through staff procedures and protocols, but unfortunately accidents still happen. People make mistakes, and that needs to be accounted for in hazardous environments. Edge computing and Automated Workflows can take some of the risk and monotony out of important processes.

TAIT AXIOM Mobile instantly empowers your remote teams with edge computing and application processing power to bring a safety-net of automation to your workforce. Custom automated workflows that suit your team’s working environment, hazards and common tasks, can be easily created and operate in the background, so your team can focus on doing their jobs.

Automating workflows such as location check-ins and weather reports help increase worker safety and productivity, allowing your workforce to focus on the task at hand. Here are some examples of workflow automation that Tait clients are relying on today:

Fireground Crews Stay Safe from High Winds

A fire and rescue service automate their weather warning procedure to trigger real-time visual and audible alarms on their portable radios when adverse weather conditions threaten a safe working environment. Fireground Workflow Automation.

Direct-to-Device Alert Tone Warns Miners

Mining sites utilize a geo-fenced workflow that is configured to send direct-to-device alerts to warn nearby personnel that a controlled explosion is due and to vacate the area. Mining Workflow Automation.

Lone Officer Checks In Outside Radio Coverage

A law enforcement agency automated their communications bearer selection to ensure lone workers could communicate with dispatchers in areas outside radio or cellular network coverage. Law Enforcement Workflow Automation.

Workflows Tailored for You

TAIT AXIOM Mobile is the ideal solution for creating custom workflows for your organization. Integrators can easily program and control TAIT AXIOM Mobile functions and interactions with a wide range of devices, networks and other applications.

Building automated workflows is easy with drag and drop widgets ranging from simple form fields and QR code scans, to input-driven decision trees. Custom applications can be built to operate just the way you need them to.

How Are Tait Clients using Workflow Automation?

  • Weather Alerts – Broadcast alerts such as lightning proximity from online weather services.
  • Electronic Signage Control – Manage and update electronic signage, such as on busses, on mining or construction sites, or roadside.
  • Event Detection – Monitor your assets and facilities, log events and trigger alarms.
  • Web forms and Database Activities – WiFi connected devices can utilize web browser-based forms to enter data that is transferred to a central point using the radio or cellular network.
  • Task Dispatching – Sent/acknowledged confirmation for LMR text and status messages. This allows command and control apps to be more robust; a user needs to know if their command to switch on a remote pump or lighting rig has been delivered.

This is just a small sample. Workflow Automation is also being used for Alarm Handling, Device Control, Serial Port integration, Geo-location, and Geo-fencing applications. Combining TAIT AXIOM Mobile with Tait TeamUp smart devices allows you to store your workflows in the TAIT AXIOM cloud, making them available instantly to teams using broadband connected devices.

See more about what TAIT AXIOM Broadband Solutions have to offer in improving your work personnel’s safety and productivity.



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