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Geofencing - Zone 1 and 2

Enhance your workplace safety and efficiency by automating tasks based on the location of devices. With the Tait GeoFencing, radios can be programmed to automate common worksite protocols. Watch this video for a demonstration.

What is Tait GeoFencing?

Tait mobile and portable DMR and P25 radios can be programmed to automatically use their own location data to trigger pre-configured actions, such as alerting the driver of a vehicle to a hazardous area or telling them to slow down. This automation makes the radio easier to operate for users by reducing complexity.

Automating common workplace protocols eliminates the risk of human error without compromising worker safety. Situations can evolve quickly, so it’s crucial that personnel are able to focus on the task at hand.

TAIT AXIOM Broadband Solutions and Tait GeoFencing have a wide range of use cases in helping your organization perform effectively and efficiently.

Automated Solutions

We understand the challenging scenarios that personnel in critical industries face. It’s important that staff have technology close at hand that they can trust and rely upon. Ensuring safety is not just achieved through reactive measures but rather proactive counter measures.

Client Story: City Campus in London

In busy city environments, events can happen quickly, and staff need need to have technology close at hand. Learn more about how Tait designed a system that keeps staff in a large shopping campus connected anywhere, anytime.

Location Services

Tait GeoFencing is just one facet of our Location Services. Tait offers a range of integrated Location Services solutions that track, record and report each asset’s location and status to provide you with real-time visibility of field operations, alongside best-in-class offerings of our Location Services partners. Learn more about Tait Location Services.

Unlock Broadband Connectivity for your organization with TAIT AXIOM Broadband Solutions.

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