Advanced Training Center Keeps Users Prepared

If a communications network is to be truly reliable, the people using it every day need to be intimately familiar with how it works. Tait offers training services to help users become confident and efficient with their equipment. The São Paulo Military Police recently made use of Tait Brazil’s Advanced Training Center to learn about their new P25 Phase 2 system.

São Paulo Military Police

In July 2021, Tait Brazil welcomed a group of Officers from the São Paulo Military Police at our Advanced Training Center to be trained in a new system for P25 Phase 2.

Thanks to this training facility at Tait Brazil, the officers had comprehensive communication systems available where they could learn more about how to operate their products. The intense training lasted two weeks, with exercises on real-life situations and how to resolve issues.

Read how the São Paulo Military Police is benefiting from a Tait P25 solution in our client story.

The Advanced Training Center was specially designed for our clients and partners that want to expand their knowledge of our technology solutions, with special training on real communications systems using radios, consoles, and other equipment.

Even though the pandemic can severely limit travel arrangements, our clients are welcome to make use of our training facilities located in São Paulo to learn more about Tait technology.

The investment in the Advanced Training Center in São Paulo reinforces the commitment that Tait has to the Brazilian market. Tait has similar training services available in locations around the world.

Tait P25 Solutions

Tait prides itself on designing and implementing open standards-based P25 solutions that are robust, interoperable, and secure.

With a range of both P25 Phase 1 and Phase 2 systems, Tait has been providing public safety agencies with complete end-to-end P25 solutions for decades.

Tait P25 provides instant and reliable communications with exceptional audio, safety features, and plenty of migration options, offering public safety agencies peace of mind with secure, future-proof, and public safety grade critical communications solutions.

Tait Services

Expert training as was provided to the São Paulo Military Police is just one of many Services Tait offers. We understand that mission-critical organizations work around the clock, so it’s only natural that their communications networks should remain up and running at all times.

You can trust Tait Services to ensure the coverage, capacity, and availability of your organization’s communications systems are monitored, maintained and protected.

Tait can offer communications systems training, consultancy, design, deploy and support services to your organization. When you choose Tait Services to maximize and optimize your system performance, asset utilization and staff efficiency, you can rest easy knowing your comms are in capable hands and confidently focus on your core business.

Tait Head OfficeWant to know what Tait can do for your organization?

If you want to find out what solutions or services Tait can offer your organization, contact your local Tait supplier.

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