Tait P25: Instant, Reliable Communications is just the Beginning

Tait P25 provides instant and reliable communications that are trusted and used around the globe.  With exceptional audio, safety features, and plenty of migration options, Tait P25 is a secure, future-proof, public safety grade critical communications solution.

This article looks at some of the detail behind each of these areas:

  • Proven Experience – Customer Stories
  • Smarter, Safer working with GPS, GeoFencing, Lone Worker and Man Down
  • Exceptional Audio – Hear important calls in the moments that matter
  • Industry Leading Flexibility, Proven Interoperability and Performance
  • Secure, Tait Tough Solutions
  • Connectivity – Your bridge to the future
  • Global, Trusted Partnerships


Proven Experience

Tait Communications was started in New Zealand over 50 years ago by Sir Angus Tait.  He lived and breathed radio communications his entire working life, and built an organization focused on innovation and technical excellence.  Since then, Tait Communications has grown to be an industry leader, providing reliable and trusted solutions to clients in over 160 countries.

First responders around the world trust Tait for multi-agency coordination in the most challenging environments.

Panola County dispatches for 14 fire departments and five law enforcement agencies in Mississippi.  A Tait P25 network was chosen due to its reliability, interoperability, and flexibility through open standards.  The solution has significantly increased worker safety as Panola County can now communicate and coordinate with agencies across Mississippi State.  Panola has also saved $800,000 of taxpayer money due to the open-standard, multi-vendor solution.  Tait radio terminals are also used by Panola County because they are trusted, and extremely durable in the harsh working conditions of officers and first responders.

In Australia, one of the world’s largest urban fire and rescue services, Fire and Rescue New South Wales rely on a Tait P25 network to dispatch, communicate with, and account for first responders across the state of NSW.  With increasing numbers of bush fires in the region, this organization works around the clock in life-threatening situations.  120 radio sites across the state allow FRNSW to communicate, with 20% improved coverage compared to analog, and considerably better audio quality.

It is no small job protecting the 45.5 million residents of São Paulo state, Brazil.  With threats such as organized crime syndicates and riots, the São Paulo Military Police need a truly secure and reliable radio communications system to protect the public from harm, and preserve public order.  Tait P25 allows SPMP to manage police communications across mixed fleets in a highly secure and efficient way, and open standards technology enables interoperability with other civic services.  Encryption with Over-The-Air Rekeying in Tait portables ensures secure and clear communications between the 10,000 Tait terminals used by SPMP.

Hear from more of our Fire and Emergency Services and Law Enforcement customers in their own words.


Smarter, Safer, Working

Integrated GPS

Tait GPS is integrated into Tait radio terminals, meaning GPS functionalities need not put any extra strain on your radio network.  Compared to typical, centrally-based GPS, many location-based functions can continue on Tait terminals, even if a network is down.  This also saves significant bandwidth as less data and network capacity is required for GPS, relieving stress from the network and freeing channels for critical voice communications.  Tait GPS data can be used for a number of Location Services, including fast polling for greater location accuracy of moving vehicles.

GeoFencing – Automated, Location Controlled Radio Behavior

Use Tait GeoFencing to control a significant range of functions and features, as well as configurability options that can be tailored to your needs.  Tait mobile and portable radios can be programmed to independently and automatically use their own location data to trigger pre-configured actions, such as alerting the driver of a vehicle to a hazardous area, telling them to slow down, or turn on the vehicle’s lights.  The functionality Tait GeoFencing provides is broad and customizable, allowing each organization to use it as best suits their safety needs.

Lone Worker

Lone worker mode provides peace of mind for those in the field as well as dispatch.  When this mode is on, workers will be prompted to ‘check in’ through their portables at intervals programmed by your team.  If a worker does not respond in time, an alarm is triggered at dispatch that they may be in danger and require assistance.

Man Down

Man Down is also a functionality that protects users working alone.  When a portable radio is at a defined horizontal position for a set period of time, an alarm is sent to dispatch that this person may need help.


Exceptional Audio

Tait P25 portable and mobile radios are built to exceed international public safety standards with excellent sensitivity, range, and crystal clear and reliable voice functionality.  Customers appreciate the detailed design of Tait speakers and mics that creates a water-shedding grille so water cannot inhibit sound, and a P25 standard-compliant vocoder that digitizes the human voice, reducing many types of background noise.  Tait radios also use additional Digital Noise Suppression software to enhance clear speech and minimize background noise, while industry leading RF performance creates less interference and gives better coverage.

Hear Tait Digital Noise Suppression in this demonstration video.

Tait TP9600 portables also features a 3W speaker and dual-microphone Active Noise Cancellation, together delivering best-in-class audio that is both loud and clear.


Industry Leading Flexibility, Proven Interoperability and Performance

Migration and Evolution

The entire Tait P25 range is designed to ensure smooth and seamless migration is available from your existing radio solution, at your own pace, whilst providing uninterrupted communications every step of the way.  All our P25 radios are capable of multiple modes, meaning you can continue using your old analog system in combination with your new P25 radios, until you are ready to continue your system evolution.  Going digital with Tait P25 also has many options, such as starting with conventional and moving to trunked when needed, or a future move to Phase 2.

Proven Interoperability

Tait is committed to open-standards to give our customers the freedom to choose the mix of vendor’s equipment that delivers the best solution for your needs.  It also ensures you have genuine interoperability across your network, allowing you to communicate with multiple agencies and adjacent networks with ease and confidence.

The Most Flexible Base Stations on the Market

Tait offers multi-mode base stations that can function on conventional analog, MPT, P25 or DMR networks.  Conventional and trunked modes are available for both P25 and DMR.  Simulcast is available in all digital modes as well as conventional analog.  This powerful capability delivers simple and cost effective migration options that customers can take advantage of throughout the life of your investment.

The Tait TB7300 and TB9400 are software flexible, rugged base stations that are intelligent building blocks in an end-to-end solution, which includes base stations, terminals and Tait management software and applications.  The TB7300 is a very slim form factor for a base station that can do so much.  The Tait TB9400 provides the additional capabilities of Linear Simulcast Modulation for enhanced coverage, and P25 Phase 2 Trunking for efficient use of precious spectrum.

Leading RF performance

Our philosophy is to provide solutions that get critical calls through when they’re needed most.  Tait portables, mobiles, and base stations have industry leading RF performance that means you can make and hear calls in more places.  The Tait RF advantage means better audio, better coverage, and less interference.  The Tait Services team can tailor your solution and provide detailed advice on any aspect of critical communications to deliver an optimized experience by design.


Secure, Tait Tough Solutions

Secure Solutions

Tait P25 has a number of features to ensure only authorized personnel can access the network.  All Tait terminals support end-to-end encryption, including the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to keep your communications secure.  All Tait terminals can also be remotely inhibited; a feature crucial to the management of lost or stolen units.

Tait Enable software applications help you securely manage your fleet programming, your encryption, and your network performance.  With layers of security, you can have the confidence that no unauthorized users can interfere with your radio fleet.

Tait Tough

Tait engineers all products to work together to be among the toughest, mission critical grade radio solutions ever made.  Our networks are built on robust software that is repeatedly tested to ensure your communications abilities stay intact.  Tait base stations can effectively offer multiple types of redundancy and back-up to ensure that your network is always operational, even in the most difficult of times.  Tait mobiles and portables surpass military specification tests and are proven to survive the harshest standards.


Connectivity – Your Bridge to the Future

Tait Unified Solutions

Tait P25 is constantly evolving and proving its flexibility through unified critical communications.  Offering flexibility and the best of a range of solutions, P25 can combine with WiFi, cellular, and Bluetooth for integrated solutions.

Tait TeamPTT is a Push-To-Talk solution that provides seamless, instant communication over any available network.  This solution allows your staff using radios and smart devices to participate in the same networks.

Tait Unified Vehicle provides a vehicle area network that combines P25 mobile radio and broadband connectivity with an on-board edge computing and application platform.  Work from any location with confidence, be connected like never before, and even build your own behaviors with the AppBuilder.


Global, Trusted Partnerships

Tait has a global network of channel partners and technology partners that work hard with us to continuously improve our services, solutions, and equipment.  Together, we strive to produce the best solution for each organization we serve.



Discover all our resources and trusted products for Tait P25 here.

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