Tough Comms for Tough Jobs [Video]

Workers in critical industries deal with hazardous environments on a daily basis. In emergencies, their communications equipment can be their lifeline. Tait hardware and networks are built Tait Tough to withstand the challenges workers encounter anywhere – from protecting our communities to working on oil rigs.

You may be familiar with our beloved Tait Tough videos, where we put Tait radios through the most grueling tests we can come up with to demonstrate their ruggedness and dependability.

Close Calls

We often hear stories from our customers and clients about Tait equipment surviving extreme conditions. The following video was shared with us from colleagues in Pantanal, Brazil, the world’s largest tropical wetland. It features a Tait portable radio that was used by Mato Grosso firefighters. This Tait TP9400 was exposed to raging fires, but maintained function, keeping the user safe and connected.

We must stress, Tait radios are not specifically designed or tested to survive fire, and we absolutely don’t recommend exposing them to these conditions. Stories like these are always a great reminder of the extreme environments Tait customers contend with as part of their jobs.

Knowing that your radio can survive a tank rolling over it, falling from great heights, being hit with a water cannon – even going through a dishwasher cycle – is fun and reassuring, but a really tough communications system means ensuring there is no point of failure from any link in the chain.

Secure Networks

Sure, it starts with rugged devices, but if your network infrastructure isn’t just as tough, you’re courting disaster. Tait networks are designed for maximum coverage, capacity, and availability and supported by advanced ISO 27001-certified cyber-security tools to ensure your networks and services keep running.

Clear Voice

In urgent situations, getting a clear message through the first time can mean the difference between life and death. All Tait radios are built to exceed international standards, providing excellent sensitivity, range, and crystal-clear voice functionality.

They also feature a range of programmable functions such as microphone sensitivity level, audio balance, and equalization, that can all be tailored to the operating environment.

If all that isn’t enough and you need a radio that’ll cut through even the noisiest environments, the digital noise suppression software and Active Noise Cancellation features of our TP9000 series portable radios will ensure your voice will be heard loud and clear through any noise.

Fleet Management

As organizations scale up, it becomes more and more difficult to manage a growing fleet of communications devices. Tait offers software tools to simplify this process, ensuring all of your devices work as expected, without fail.

Tait EnableFleet is an industry-leading configuration management system that provides a fast, easy-to-use, secure and controlled way to manage fleet configurations and changes from a central location with Over-The-Air-Programming capability.

Is it insights and information about the performance of your network you’re after? Tait EnableInsight has a clear, visualized dashboard that enables in-depth analysis and assistance with diagnosing and resolving incidents and problems.

Future Proof

Even the most rock solid communications platform is useless if it’s not built to last, and able to incorporate the emerging technologies that critical industries are becoming dependent on. Tait networks are designed with broadband convergence in mind, so you can integrate your cutting edge devices with your tried-and-trusted radio network.

Tait ToughTait Tough

For more information on how to ensure your comms network is Tait Tough, and for some awesome videos of radios surviving punishment, check out

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