Active Noise Cancellation put to the test (Video)

Why Audio Quality Matters

Late last year, we released the new TP9500 and TP9600 radios to expand and improve our Tait Tough range. Alongside exceptional audio quality, enhanced worker safety tools and improved user experience, one of the standout features of these radios is Active Noise Cancellation (ANC).  In this video, we see that in a real scenario.

Be it engine noise or sirens, exposure to the elements or proximity to very loud machinery, critical communications users work in some of the noisiest environments. To make sure critical calls come through loud and clear no matter the noise level, Tait added ANC to the new radios’ highly configurable audio settings, to provide you with best-in-class audio performance. 

Active Noise Cancellation in Action

Check out this new video in which Con Costi, Australian Channel Manager of Tait Asia Pacific, puts Active Noise Cancellation to the test in an extremely loud environment:

“I was standing right beside a roaring machine, another one was rocking the floor above me and more noise was coming from below. I had ear plugs in but still couldn’t hear myself think. It was so noisy I couldn’t really tell if my tests had gone through or not.” 

The Active Noise Cancellation of the TP9500 and TP9600 radios uses two individual microphones to receive voice and background sounds separately, allowing it to isolate and reduce any background noise. ANC works with remote speaker mic accessories, so usability isn’t compromised and you can continue using the equipment you’re used to. 

“They were amazed, couldn’t believe it, and kept saying to their guy to shift me closer to the source of the noise.”

– Con Costi, Australian Channel Manager Tait Asia Pacific

Active Noise Cancellation is a powerful feature to enhance the audio quality of mission-critical communications. Read 9 Ways to Tailor and Optimize Your Audio Experience for more ways Tait helps your critical messages get through loud and clear.

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