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Tait offers software customization to add unique functionality and value to your communications system. We understand each organization has their own unique requirements, and not all challenges can be met with the same stock solutions. 

There are many reasons why you might require custom software for your communications solutions. Tait can design and build custom software to meet your specified outcomes, tailoring every aspect, to match the way you do business. 

In our previous blog post on custom solutions, we focused on custom hardware. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the possibilities custom designed software with Tait Unified Vehicle AppBuilder can offer you.

Custom Applications to Fit Your Needs

Tait Unified Vehicle houses a powerful industrial-grade processor and the AppBuilder application platform. Powered by Node-RED, AppBuilder allows the creation of new applications or services to customize the way Tait Unified Vehicle functions and interacts with a range of devices, networks and applications you have available.

This enables Tait Unified Vehicle to be quickly and expertly customized by Tait engineers to meet your organization’s challenges and requirements, without the need for any hardware modifications. Custom applications built by the Tait Client-Specific Development Service guarantee a robust solution that functions exactly as you specified, and is fully supported by our engineers. 

To give you an idea of what’s possible with the Tait Unified Vehicle AppBuilder platform, below are some examples of custom software that was created by Tait to provide a range of unique outcomes for organizations.

Alert tones for Newmont Goldcorp Boddington Mine

Newmont Boddington Mine

Newmont Goldcorp Boddington Mine

Whether in an open pit or underground, mining sites are challenging and dangerous environments, and blasting is one of the most hazardous activities mining teams undertake. To warn workers of impending blasts, the Newmont Goldcorp Boddington mine in Western Australia required the implementation of a blast tone that is sent out over their DMR Tier 3 radio network. 

However, if these blast tones are transmitted from a central location, the alert tone may become degraded if the receiving radio is on the edge of the network’s coverage area or the network is busy. To ensure alerts come through crisp and loud across the entire Boddington mining site, Tait developed a custom software solution on the AppBuilder platform.

How the Solution Works
Audio Wave files were stored locally on all radios on the mining site, and these can be triggered by an AppBuilder application, allowing every Tait radio to play the correct audio file loudly and clearly to signal important events, like explosive blasts.  

Different audio files can be stored on the portables and triggered for different alerts. This functionality not only allows all radio users on site to be alerted with a clear and distinct alert tone, an added benefit is that it also keeps radio channels open for comms or data messages when the alert tones are playing.

Web Forms over DMR for EA Networks

Extreme weather events such as snowstorms and floods regularly interrupt the cellular network, which is why New Zealand utility company EA Networks needed a more reliable and efficient way of communicating accurate information during these events. 

Tait responded by developing a Web Forms over DMR application to leverage EA Networks’ highly resilient and reliable DMR network. Transmitting data in this way is more efficient than doing so via voice, and keeps the voice channels free for critical communications. 

How the Solution Works
The workflow is simple: the dispatcher generates work order forms which are sent over the DMR network to the worker/operator in the field, who fills out the form and submits it back. Because the solution uses a webform hosted on Tait Unified Vehicle, there is no need to install any apps, and workers can use the devices they prefer.

EA Networks truck

EA Networks vehicles carry a Tait Unified Vehicle mobile radio

Smart devices carried by workers don’t need a cellular network to access a browser and fill out the forms, as the Wi-Fi access point of Tait Unified Vehicle is leveraged. Location data is provided by using the GPS location of both the smart device and Tait Unified Vehicle, ensuring accurate location information is added to the Web Form data.

As a result of this custom solution, workloads of EA Network’s staff have decreased as vital information such as Radio-ID, location, time and date are automatically tracked and archived by Tait Unified Vehicle, and changes and updates to the forms can be made using Tait EnableFleet OTAP over Wi-Fi when the vehicles are in the depot.

What are your Challenges?

Custom application development allows Tait to deliver purpose-built solutions to our customers. What are the unique challenges that face your team? We’d like to hear from you, to see if we can create a unique solution for your needs.

Next Blog: Custom Radio Development

These are just some examples of the custom software solutions Tait can create with AppBuilder to suit specific and unique requirements. AppBuilder is also used for Alarm Handling, Device Control, Serial Port integration, Geo-location, and GeoFencing applications, to name but a few.

In our next blog about custom solutions we’ll take a look at some examples of custom radios developed by the Tait Client-Specific Development Service and how they can help solve unique problems. To make sure you don’t miss this post, subscribe to our blog.

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