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Not all problems can be solved with standard solutions. Occasionally, a technical or environmental challenge means there is no off-the-shelf product that can give a customer the outcome they need. While other critical communications vendors might say “Sorry, we can’t help you”, at Tait, we see it as an opportunity for us to put our ingenuity to work.

At Tait, we know that pre-packaged or one-size-fits-all solutions don’t always meet the unique challenges organizations face. Because each organization has their own unique set of communications requirements, we build all our products and solutions with flexibility at their core.

Over the next few months, we’ll take a look at a range of custom solutions from Tait, so make sure you keep an eye out for our blog posts.

Highly Customizable Critical Communications Solutions

Our critical communications solutions range from highly configurable devices with programmable functions to software-flexible, multi-mode hardware. This means your hardware investment is able to evolve as your needs change over time, and can grow from conventional to trunked or from analog to multiple types of digital.

Add to this our support for Open Standards that enables you to mix and match multiple vendors equipment and change the mix of equipment over time if needed, and you have flexible and reliable communications solutions to suit most needs.

However, some customers will have firmly established workflows or processes, and instead of changing what works to accommodate a new communications solution, they want a custom solution that can be tailored and adapted to the way they do business. For these situations, Tait offers a Client-Specific Development Service.

The Tait Client-Specific Development Service

Tait offers hardware and software customization to create customer specific solutions. This can range from new software and hardware based on existing Tait products to integrations with new or existing third-party equipment, or developing new radio products. 

Tait Custom Services

Custom solutions to fulfill your requirements

The Tait Client-Specific Development Service team can design radio system elements that precisely fulfil your requirements, adhere to your constraints, and work within your budget. We often hear our willingness and ability to integrate and customize our products makes us stand apart from other providers, and we’re proud to be able to partner closely with our customers to provide that level of confidence.

Over the years, Tait has developed and delivered a variety of custom solutions for customers with requirements that could not be satisfied with stock solutions. Over the next few months we’ll take a closer look at some of the custom solutions Tait has created, ranging from hardware to software, and combinations of these. In this blog, we’ll focus on custom hardware solutions designed to be transportable. 

Examples of Custom Transportable Solutions

Workers in critical industries often find themselves in situations or environments where access is difficult and coverage limited, making clear communications between team members complicated. Tait can design custom hardware to fit in a Pelican case, so the solution can be instantly deployed in any situation or environment. The transportable units can be carried onto a site and instantly provide the functionality that’s needed, which can make all the difference during an emergency event.

Transportable Repeaters for a National Fire Service
Firefighters often find themselves in areas where access is difficult, coverage is limited, and waiting for equipment to arrive to set up communications or charge devices is simply not an option. This is why a national fire service asked Tait to develop a transportable solution that could be deployed intantly.

Tait Transportable Repeater

An example of a Tait Transportable Repeater

The Tait team responded to the fire service’s request by designing a battery-powered repeater that can be carried in a rugged Pelican case. This allows the units to be deployed quickly out of a truck or helicopter to give frontline personnel instant communications in challenging environments where there is no coverage.

The battery-powered transportables enable communications to be set up immediately, and allow time for back-up generators to arrive and be set up.

Tait also developed transportable chargers in Pelican cases to allow firefighters to charge their portables when out in the field to ensure their radios can keep running during extended shifts.

Transportable Radio Solution for a Large Railway Operator
Not only emergency services can benefit from custom, transportable solutions. To extend the DMR capability of their modern train network to older trains that did not have radios or adequate power sources, a large railway operator asked Tait to design a transportable radio solution that could be carried on to a train and operate on the DMR network like their normal trains.

Train on tracksTait responded by developing a DMR Tier 3 transportable solution that combined a control head, handset, ruggedized mobile computing platform, a TM9300 mobile radio and a battery in a Pelican case that provided the same functionality as the mobile radio and ruggedized mobile computing platform that were installed in the newer trains.  

The customized transportable offered identical functionality including voice recording, data logging (such as radio interactions) and GeoFencing capability. The delivered transportable included user documentation and the regulatory compliances that were required. 

As an added benefit, these types of transportable products can also allow early testing and system integration without the added expense of permanent vehicle installations.

Next Blog: Custom Software Solutions

These are just some examples of the custom hardware solutions Tait can create for specific and unique requirements. In our next blog about custom solutions we’ll take a look at some examples of specifically designed software solutions, and how they can help solve unique problems. To make sure you don’t miss this post, subscribe to our blog.


Tait FactoryTait offers flexible and custom solutions that fit your unique requirements, and the freedom to work with your preferred suppliers and technologies.

Get in touch to talk about how we can help you solve your communication problems.

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