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You know the feeling. Your shiny new phone is in your hands, with all its miraculous, life-changing features and apps. But no matter how tech-savvy you are, you’re never quite prepared for the learning curve. It doesn’t respond how your old one did. You missed the first few calls. The menus are different, and those crazy factory settings! Even worse if you are over A Certain Age – the icons are tiny and they all look the same!

In a few days’ time, all’s well, and you are using your new toy like you were born to it.

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Many baby boomers are already enjoying their golden years away from work and many more are heading towards retirement. This is not news – it’s been in the pipeline for 60 years!

But what about the consequences? There’s a big headache on the horizon for utilities companies when this section of their workforce heads off into the sunset…taking their knowledge and expertise with them.

A 2011 US survey* revealed that over the next decade, 36% of skilled utility technicians and engineers (positions that have been identified as critical for the industry) will need to be replaced because of retirement or attrition. This figure will increase by an additional 16% by 2020. Continue Reading