Tait Axiom Workforce Applications: Empowering Efficiency

TAIT AXIOM Workforce Applcations

Collaboration and teamwork are important components of success. Technology choices are critical in meeting these goals. Learn more about the practical applications of TAIT AXIOM Broadband Solutions for critical industries around the world.

TAIT AXIOM Broadband Solutions

In 2021, we introduced TAIT AXIOM Broadband Solutions as a communications platform that combines the resilience of radio networks and the applications of cellular networks to create a safer and more productive working environment. An exciting element of this platform is the next generation of communication systems and their impact on various critical work environments.

TAIT AXIOM Workforce Applications are a set of tools that  align with our goal of utilizing communications technology to deliver a safer, more productive workforce. This suite includes:

PTTCalling Services – Keep workers connected and communications flowing between individuals and teams, regardless of network, device and location across PTT, cellular and video calling. Example: Inner-city Fire Services with broadband and cellular systems are able to attend fires in remote rural areas, seamlessly switching to radio networks once they leave cellular coverage. Officers have uninterrupted coverage through their shift.

PTTMessaging Services – Boost collaboration, productivity, and enrich communications by exchanging text messages, location pins, multimedia, and live stream video in workgroups. Example: Utility workers identify a damaged site, sharing photos of the equipment’s condition and location so service teams can arrive quickly to make repairs.

Interoperating Services – Bring your teams together and overcome the network, device and location challenges that keep teams apart. Implement broadband and LMR interoperability pathways for open communication and collaboration. Example: First responders with radio and cellular devices arrive at an emergency scene. Converged talk-groups allow them to cooperate effectively, despite their different devices.

Remote Control Services – Monitor and join conversations, change channels and make emergency calls while outside the vehicle using a smartphone app that connects directly to the TAIT AXIOM Mobile device. Example: A lone worker has sustained an injury and cannot return to their vehicle to make a distress call. Using an app on their mobile phone, they can connect to the vehicle radio and call for help.

Emergency Services – Prepare to respond, be alerted when workers signal distress and more importantly when they can’t. By using Lone Worker routine check-ins, geographic boundary notifications, and man down capabilities. Example: Officers are required to check in with a button-press every hour. The location data of those who are unable to check in is shared with headquarters, so help can be quickly dispatched.

Location Services – Create a safer, more productive work environment using real-time location data services such as Automatic Vehicle Location, Bluetooth beacon technology and geofencing. Example: One of your fleet of vehicles is involved in an accident on the motorway. Location data is immediately available to quickly identify the nearest support team available to provide timely assistance.

Video Services – See the situation clearly, provide on-scene situational context with dispatchers, team members or talk groups using live video streaming and smart devices integrated camera. Example: First responders share visual information about an accident with support services before they arrive at the scene. Incoming support teams are better prepared to respond the evolving situation as soon as they arrive.

Recording Services – Capture important conversations by recording on & off-network voice communications and retrieve the saved files directly from the device or cloud. Example: A breakdown in communication causes an emergency response event to go poorly. Every voice call from the event can be reviewed to determine what went wrong, and avoid similar situations in future.

These examples of TAIT AXIOM Workforce Applications come together to provide a more automated, safer working environment for mission critical teams. Giving critical communications users extra functionality designed for use in a variety of industries, not only making emergency situations safer, but also day-to-day activities more efficient. 

For lone workers and large operations teams alike, TAIT AXIOM Broadband Solutions help keep your frontline workers connected and safe.


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