Southern Spain Digital Mobile Communications Network a First for Europe

Tait Communications expertise is at the heart of a large public-safety investment in southern Spain, which is connecting the region’s emergency response agencies and national bodies with a single highly reliable mobile communication system.

Andalusia Digital Emergency Network

In announcing the overall project in late 2022, the Andalucian Regional Government (Junta de Andalucia) said its Digital Emergency Network (REDA) would be the largest in Spain and the first of its kind in Europe. The mobile radio network is engineered to work across more than 120 sites. Built on a Tait Digital Mobile Radio standard (DMR) system, the network is expected to include more than 6,000 portable radio terminals in the field. Officers and managers outside the network coverage area can join in or monitor communications using broadband applications on smartphones and TAIT AXIOM equipment.

Junta de Andalucia said its Digital Emergency Network will provide a single umbrella system for communications among and between the region’s frontline responders (police, fire fighters and ambulance), other emergency groups such as specialist forest firefighting services, the region’s water management agency and remote organisations such as ski fields which may need emergency support. As well, it said, the system would “further strengthen our work with the state security forces and bodies, as it will allow interconnection with other networks such as those of the Emergency Military Unit (UME), national Police and Civil Guard.”

Terminals on the network will further support safety by logging each unit’s location in real time and provide alerts if it detects the user has collapsed and my need help. The network is designed to deliver high coverage and is encrypted. It includes a facility to record all calls during an event, a service which is often used to review event management and to support improvement.

Tait and Sistelec Partnership

For this project Tait is represented by Spanish channel partner Sistelec. The 120-site Tait-engineered DMR Tier 3 mobile radio system purchased for Andalucia’s Digital Emergency Network also features support services, a large number of Tait’s TP9300 portable radios built to the intrinsically-safe standard, TAIT AXIOM Mobiles (vehicle-mounted devices which switch seamlessly between mobile radio and cellular, depending on which provides the best carrier solution), 850 TAIT AXIOM Wearable devices, instances of Tait’s applications for smartphone users who do not need to carry a frontline radio, and the Tait GridLink data terminals, which are used to remotely monitor and control fixed equipment in the field (supervisory control and data acquisition – SCADA – use cases).

With a land area of 87,000 square kilometres and almost 8.5 million people, Andalucia is Spain’s the most populous and second-largest autonomy.

For this project Tait Communications is supplying its long-time Spanish representative Sistelec, which is a supplier to the project’s main contractor UT Cellnex-Axion.
Sistelec Chief Executive Iker Murillo says the fundamental role that communication technologies play in keeping people safe is a deep responsibility, particularly in complex projects such as this one. “For this reason Sistelec always aims to use industry-leading technology and suppliers such as Tait Communications.”

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