Remembering Public Safety Advocate Andy Seybold

The passing this month of Andy Seybold, the Arizona-based advocate for frontline public safety workers and expert in wireless critical communications, is being marked around the world by those in the industry.

Tait Communications joins in acknowledging the tremendous contribution Andy made over his professional lifetime in advocating on behalf of ambulance, fire and police officers and, through their public-safety agencies, the communities served and kept safe.

“Andy was one of those rare people in engineering who can distil the essence of a technology and explain it to non-technical people – both how the thing works and whether it was a worthwhile development,” says Dr Yoram Benit, Tait’s Chief Executive Officer. “For non-specialists such as elected officials wanting to understand if their public money is being well-spent, Andy’s unbiased advice and opinion was extremely valuable”.

“Andy could be counted on to consider developments from the perspective of officers on the frontline. He wanted to know, and worked hard to explain in simple terms what difference something would make to an officer in the field. In this, Andy’s analysis and opinion was very important to those of us in the industry developing new communication tools. He could be counted on to deliver a well-researched independent overview.

“The great resource of material he produced over the years will continue to be read and discussed but it is sad to think he is no longer there watching how we develop in future and explaining what it means for our industry and the communities our customers serve. He will be missed.

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