Tait and Partners Support Tongan Volcano Recovery

The Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai submarine volcano erupted on January 2022, causing catastrophic damage to the nation of Tonga. Many organizations around the world have provided critical support to help the people of Tonga recover. Tait is proud to work with regional partners to do what we can. 

The undersea volcano began erupting in December 2021, its most powerful eruption on 15 January 2022 exploded with a force hundreds of times more powerful than an atomic bomb, sending tsunamis around the Pacific Ocean. It’s estimated that $90.4 million in damage was caused by the eruption, alongside several casualties and the disruption of critical communications and infrastructure in Tonga and surrounding islands.

Tait Communications, Logic Wireless, and Mobile Communications Queensland are working to organize emergency communications support for Tonga, as the nation rebuilds from the fallout of the volcanic eruption and subsequent tidal waves. The undersea volcanic eruption disrupted Tonga’s submarine communications cables, cutting off all local communications and leaving only limited satellite-based international calls.

The scale of the eruption seen by satellite. Imagery courtesy of MIT Technology Review: “Tonga’s volcano blast cut it off from the world. Here’s what it will take to get it reconnected.

Soon after the eruption on 15 January, Dave Parker at Logic Wireless reached out to Finau Hufanga of Tonga’s Ministry of Meteorology, Environment, Information, Disaster Management, Energy, Climate Change and Communications. Dave says Finau has been associated with Tait for more than 20 years, initially as a radio engineer at Telecom. Finau explained that Tonga’s priority was to re-establish communications between the islands.

Dave and Tait Australia Channel Manager, Con Costi , quickly identified that the high-frequency radio equipment needed could be supplied by Mobile Communications, a Brisbane-based distribution and service center for Codan HF equipment and a long-term Tait channel partner. When he heard what was needed, Mobile Communications’ Nick Stefanou kindly offered to donate 10 high-frequency radio sets, and Con and Dave have put him directly in touch with Finau to make the arrangements.

As Tonga’s recovery continues, Tait and Logic Wireless will continue to offer support and assistance to the island nation’s government. We at Tait Communications send our best wishes to our friends in Tonga and around the Pacific Ocean.

You can help provide relief to Tonga through the donation page managed by World Vision.


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    Such move deserves a sincere respect. There is no only one Ukraine suffering from disaster in the world, but it is great that there are nice people remembering the rest and doing what they can

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