Tait Licenses Softil Technology

Softil is the world’s leading enabler of IP communications solutions for mission-critical telecommunications. They offer proven solutions to rapidly add voice, video and messaging services to applications and devices for Enterprise, and Mission Critical Communication solutions. Tait is licensing Softil technology to enhance its TAIT AXIOM broadband portfolio.

Softil, formerly RADVISION Technology Business Unit, has announced a licensing agreement with New Zealand-based Tait Communications that will allow its TAIT AXIOM portfolio of broadband solutions to interoperate with all major systems around the world using Softil’s BEEHD client framework.

TAIT AXIOM Broadband Solutions have been developed to enable a safer, more productive workforce using an ecosystem of workforce applications, automated workflows, business integrations and devices for your mobile teams.

“Enabling our TAIT AXIOM Wearable and Mobile devices with the Softil client ensures standards compliant delivery of high-quality audio and video over the LTE and 5G systems our customers are using today,” said Dr. Yoram Benit, CEO of Tait Communications. “Companies count on us to protect their investment in Tait by operating in an open standards environment, and our agreement with Softil is allowing us to do so with these devices.”

Dr. Yoram Benit, CEO of Tait Communications

Softil’s BEEHD is a 3GPP MCX Release 16 standard-compliant cross-platform framework (SDK), designed for developers and manufacturers of handheld devices, MCX/LMR gateways, dispatch consoles, recording solutions and train/metro communication equipment. The framework supports a comprehensive set of protocols defined by standardization bodies such as 3GPP and utilized by Mission Critical Communications over LTE and 5G solutions.

Pierre Hagendorf, CEO of Softil

“In the fast developing MCX world, we know that speed to market is paramount for critical communications solutions providers like Tait,” said Pierre Hagendorf, CEO of Softil. “We’re delighted to team with Tait Communications and provide a platform that will significantly reduce development, integration and testing efforts as they expand their broadband portfolio and make it available to their customers.”

Article courtesy of  EINPressWire.

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