Customer Success: Tait Solutions for Utilities [Videos]

Critical communications for Utilities must support a reliable, cost-effective and safe work environment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Tait works with utility organizations around the world to design reliable, smart critical communications solutions that help them keep the lights on and workers safe. 

High-demand situations such as storms or floods can cause lots of outages and scatter Utilities crews all over the place. When this happens, workers need comms they can depend on while they do their job.

We need to be at our best when the weather is at its worst.

– Dane Clemons, Director of Technology, Talquin Electric Cooperative, Florida, USA

From robust hardware packed with safety features to integrated software and solutions, Tait has a wide range of offerings that enhance safety and efficiency for Utilities workers on the front line. Watch the videos below to hear from our customers how Tait solutions are helping them to keep workers safe and services running.

Talquin Electric Cooperative, Florida, USA

Talquin was operating on a 30 year old communications system that was no longer reliable – several of their channels had too much static and could not really be used. Coverage was also a problem, the outskirts of their territory had poor reliability and there were certain areas with no signal at all. Dispatch had trouble connecting with employees, and safety was a concern.

Talquin solved these problems with an open standard Tait DMR Tier 3 solution. They increased the number of available channels, allowing dispatch to talk with different teams as needed. Tait also partnered with Avtec to provide dispatch consoles that integrated with the radio system.

New safety features were also part of the Talquin solution. Their radios have Man Down and Lone Worker functionality, When coupled with the GPS on each radio, dispatch will know immediately if there is a problem, and know where to send help.

Our staff can communicate with one another and it has improved efficiency. The Tait system has improved the way that we work and the way we communicate with our employees.

– Dane Clemons, Director of Technology, Talquin Electric Cooperative

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EA Networks, Canterbury, New Zealand

EA Networks responds to power outages, downed lines and other service interruptions in a vast area on the South Island of New Zealand.  As not all staff live or work within EA Networks’ radio coverage area, a solution was needed to make sure workers stay safe and connected when on the job, no matter where they are.

EA Networks increased the connectivity of its workforce out in the field by equipping their vehicles with Tait Unified Vehicle. Tait Unified Vehicle provides the extra connectivity by creating a mobile vehicle-area-network that enables radio and broadband connectivity, including radio, cellular and WiFi.

Staff can connect their smartphones to the Tait Unified Vehicle network with Remote App to use PTT communications over the radio network, eliminating the need for an extra portable radio.

One option was getting everyone out with a portable radio, and the other option was Tait Unified Vehicle and connecting the phone to the truck, and since everyone carries a phone these days… the less equipment the guys can carry on them, the better.

– Miles Connew, Operations Manager of EA Networks

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Kansas City Power and Light (KCP&L), Missouri, USA

When KCP&L acquired another utility company, they found themselves with three entirely separate radio systems covering different parts of their service area. When crews from different regions were brought together in storm situations, the lack of interoperability between radio networks forced them to use their cell phones as backup.

This resulted in a dangerous lack of communication when they needed it most.

To resolve these issues, Tait provided a reliable, dependable and interoperable Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Tier 3 network, covering all their areas of operation. In emergency situations, workers can easily communicate their distress with the push of a button.

If they’re unable to communicate, then Man Down or Lone Worker can send automatic notification to Dispatch. GPS location services alert dispatch to the worker’s exact location, enabling help to arrive as quickly as possible.

Our job is to keep the lights on. The Tait system allows us to communicate faster with the field during storm situations, to restore power, get problems fixed, and keep the lights on.

– Tina Andrews, Supervisor, Distribution System Operations Control Center, KCP&L

Read the full client story here.

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