More Choices for Intrinsically Safe Radios

Workers that are exposed to hazardous environments demand proper equipment, essential to keep them safe and productive. To support this, Tait has expanded our Intrinsically Safe (IS) range of radios, with new models certified to meet the stringent Class 1 Division 1 standard in the United States.

For many field workers in hazardous environments, the key to getting the job done and remaining safe lies in the tools they use to communicate. To provide them with comms they can depend on in the field, we’re thrilled to introduce our new Tait DMR and P25 Class 1 Division 1 portable radios.

*These radios are only available in the USA

Tait Class 1 Division 1 Intrinsically Safe Portable Radios

Intrinsically Safe products that meet the Class 1 Division 1 standard are certified for operation in areas where ignitable concentrations of flammable gases, vapors or liquids can exist all or some of the time under normal operating conditions.

The Tait Class 1 Division 1 compliance meets Intrinsically Safe standards for all Gas Groups (A,B,C and D), which means you can assess safety faster when responding to the unknown, and that the radios can be used in hazardous locations where IS radio use might still be limited today. Attaining Intrinsically Safe certification for all gas classes is a significant achievement that sets Tait apart from other offerings in the US market.

The TP9368 (DMR) and TP9468 (P25) also comply with Class II Division 1 Intrinsically Safe Dust standards, allowing an even wider range of applications.

Built Tait Tough

Like all Tait products, these new IS radios are built to perform to our highest Tait Tough standards. This means they exceed relevant military standards, withstand up to one meter of water for 30 minutes with its IP67 rating, have shock absorbing corners and a water-shedding grille, and a recessed lens for screen protection – all designed for reliable, easy operation.

Available in Different Colours and Key Configurations

The TP9358/TP9368 (DMR) and TP9458/TP9468 (P25) are available in 4-Key and 16-Key variants, and in a range of different colors for easy identification in the field or distinguishing user groups. The available colors are high-vis green, black and yellow.

Intrinsically Safe Audio Accessories

Tait also offers IS audio accessories to match with your IS radios for enhanced usability. It is important to remember that only Tait approved IS Class 1 Division 1 accessories can be used with the Tait IS Class 1 Division 1 portable radios. 

Failure to use the right accessories with your IS Portables – including batteries and chargers – will void the Intrinsically Safe rating. You can refer to the Tait Options & Accessories Catalog for detailed information on accessories available for your selected IS Portable.

Guide To Intrinsically Safe Portable Radios

Want to learn more about Intrinsically Safe radios and the different IS standards used around the world?

Download this free white paper for more information.

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