Cyber Security for Critical Industries

In an increasingly connected world, can critical industries stay on the public internet with the increasing risks? How can we ensure our data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands? Cyber security has always been a hot topic, but recent high-profile hacks and ransomware attacks have reaffirmed the importance of protecting critical infrastructure with robust information security technologies.

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Late last year, cyber security issues became a main headline when SolarWinds – a major US information technology firm – was the victim of a cyberattack that spread to clients and went undetected for months. The breach enabled hackers to spy on private companies and even the US Government, including the Homeland Security and Treasury departments. 

In May and June 2021, ransomware attacks on JBS, the world’s largest meat processing company and Colonial Pipeline, the largest fuel pipeline in the US crippled both organizations with far-reaching consequences for the millions of people that rely on the products and services of those companies.

These high-profile cases served as a wake-up call to the fact that the enhanced connectivity of modern technology has opened the door to cyber attacks and potential security breaches. 

The Struggle to Maintain Security Measures

However, despite the risks, organizations keep adopting emerging technologies faster than they can address the security issues – as was shown by the security problems the huge influx of remote workers during the COVID-19 pandemic presented. A lot of companies were not properly prepared for their workers to be on their insecure home networks, and had to quickly come up with solutions to continue operating, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.

All these examples show how important it is to have security measures in place for your critical communications networks, so they are protected from any unauthorized access that could halt or disrupt communications. 

Cyber Security at Tait

Tait Secure Voice and Data Systems

Fortunately, Tait can help: all Tait platforms are built with security at their core to mitigate the risk of cyber-security threats. At Tait, we’re dedicated to providing truly flexible and scalable solutions, so you can rest assured that no matter what your security needs are, Tait will work with you to provide industry-best security solutions tailored to your organization’s needs.

How to Protect your Critical Infrastructure

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) monitor and manage much of the critical infrastructure we depend upon – assets such as electric power grids, nuclear power plants, water and wastewater pipeline systems, oil and gas production facilities, rail systems and many more. Because these services are so critical, and interruptions have the potential to endanger lives and economies, it is vital these are properly secured.

Learn what goes into robust information security solutions from our Chief Information Security Ashish Dutta.

Ashish is an ISACA CISM® certified Information Security Manager with significant experience in the positioning, delivery and management of ICT managed services and information security.

Because the weakest link in the chain determines the strength of the entire chain, Ashish explains the importance of securing the entire critical infrastructure ecosystem, and discusses the rigorous security measures that are in place at Tait.

“Tait provides systems and services in the critical communications domain, external certification provides our customer confidence that we will ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their information across all domains – people, processes, locations, suppliers, and systems.”

How to Strengthen and Secure your Network

Responding to cyber attacks is an ongoing and constantly evolving challenge. To assume that the security measures you have in place at the moment are good enough is a mistake and fails to grasp the complexity and dynamic nature of security. Legacy equipment is particularly vulnerable and responsible for some dangerous assumptions.

Police Security

Read our White Papers on how to Secure your Critical Infrastructure

So how do you mitigate these risks and strengthen your network? Part 1 of our Critical Infrastructure Security Guides helps network operators understand the complexity of the cyber security threat and introduces some important concepts and ideas around network security. And when it’s time to move to the implementation phase, Part 2 provides guidance on the processes and technologies of cyber security, and how you can integrate it with your ICS.

Let the Professionals Handle it: Tait Managed Services

But with ever-evolving technology and systems that are becoming more and more complex, a lot of organizations don’t have the resources to monitor, manage and protect their communications networks themselves. In these situations, Tait Managed Services can take care of the security of your network for you, so you can keep focus on your core business outcomes.

Tait Managed Services are certified for ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management System), the international best-practice standard for information security standards. Tait professional network experts operate in key locations around the world, and can offer as much specialized and technical services as you need, whether that involves monitoring your network performance, or complete, end-to-end network management and support.

Need to Secure your Network?

Mission-critical organizations work around the clock, so it’s vital that their communications networks are up and running at all times.

Contact us to find out how Tait can help keep your networks safe from security breaches.

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