Custom Noise Cancelling Mics for Vehicles

Do you have specific communications requirements that can’t be met with off-the-shelf solutions? When you need a unique solution, Tait can offer Client Specific Development. Our engineers will work with you to find the best possible solutions that precisely fulfil your requirements, adhere to your constraints, and fit within your budget. This time, we take a look at a custom Active Noise Cancelling microphones for vehicles.

In our previous blog post on custom solutions, we discussed a biometric monitoring solution. In this blog, we’ll discuss a custom Active Noise Cancelling Microphone the Tait Client Specific Development (CSD) team developed. Want to know more? See all our posts on custom solutions.

Delivered Audio QualityYour communications are critical, and so are the quality and clarity of those communications.

Excessive background noise can seriously affect voice transmissions, so to make sure calls come through loud and clear no matter the noise level, you need a communications solution that takes this into account.

In noisy vehicles, it can be hard to understand incoming communications. To help drivers hear and communicate clearly, the Tait Client Specific Development (CSD) team developed a state-of-the-art External Active Noise Cancellation microphone.

Incoming Calls Must be Clear

When comms don’t come through clearly, it presents worker safety and efficiency issues, and repeating calls increase network load. 

To ensure drivers are heard first time and to keep the channel clear for other users that need to do their jobs, the client needed a custom solution that would work in every vehicle of their diverse fleet.

Active Noise Cancellation

Be it loud engines, road noise, or people talking – buses for example are noisy environments. This makes it difficult for drivers to make themselves heard or hear what dispatch and colleagues are saying.

There are different ways of dealing with background noise. For high-noise environments such as busy inner city buses, software-based noise suppression might not be enough.

To guarantee intelligibility, the customer required specialized functionality to filter out background noise. 

To provide this, the CSD team developed an Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) Microphone, featuring two mics that receive both voice and background noise and then advanced signal processing is applied to reduce the noise. This functionality enables the mic to isolate background noise, significantly reduce it, and optimize voice audio.

As an added feature, CSD also included mechanical isolation in the design. Vehicles have a high degree of vibration and the mechanical isolation helps to minimize the noises caused by this vibration.

Watch Tait staff put Active Noise Cancellation to the test!

Installation in a Diverse Bus Fleet

Not all vehicles are the same. The customer has a diverse fleet which presented a challenge, because all of the vehicles are configured differently.

Microphones were positioned differently from one vehicle  to another, and space and enclosures varied as well.

To accommodate these varying configurations, the CSD team created a microphone with a very small form factor that could be easily retrofitted in the existing enclosures. Designed as a plug-and-play external mic, replacement of the old equipment was easy after the ANC mics were installed in the vehicle cabins.

Custom Solutions by CSD

This custom ANC mic is being trialled right now. Need another unique solution? The Tait Client Specific Development team can help: this is just one example of the capabilities of the team.

The team can offer hardware and software customization to create solutions to exactly meet your needs.

They can develop new software and hardware based on existing Tait products, integrate this with new or existing third-party equipment, or develop new radio products from scratch. 

The team works with you to design communications system elements that exactly meet your needs, taking into account your constraints and available budget. We often hear our willingness and ability to integrate and customize our products sets us apart from other vendors, and we’re proud to be able to provide this service to our customers.

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Our engineers are always keen for a new challenge. So what are your specific needs? We’d like to hear from you, to see if we can create a unique solution for you.

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