Hear and Respond: 9 Ways to Tailor and Optimize Your Audio Experience

Your audio experience is vital to quality, reliable, critical communications.  Hear that call for help the first time for improved worker safety, and to keep voice channels clear.  Respond with confidence, knowing your voice will be heard in the loudest of environments.

The latest Tait portable radios feature best-in-class audio that’s loud and clear.  All Tait radios are built to exceed international standards with excellent sensitivity, range, and crystal clear voice functionality.  Here are 9 ways to tailor and optimize your audio experience for improved outcomes.

1.  Digital Vocoder

Tait radios incorporate DMR and P25 standard compliant vocoders, which digitize the human voice and can reduce many types of background noise.

2.  Digital Noise Suppression

Beyond basic vocoding, Tait radios use additional software techniques to enhance clear speech and minimize background noise.  Check out some demo videos here.

3.  Dual-Microphone Active Noise Cancellation

Voice and background noise are received with two separate microphones, to isolate and significantly reduce background noise.  This feature works in both analog and digital modes of the new TP9500 and TP9600.

4.  Programmable Variables

There are a range of variables that can be configured for an optimal audio experience in your environment.  A range of factors such as microphone sensitivity level, audio balance, and equalization, can all be tailored in the programming application.

5.  Speaker Options

Choose the model with the right speaker size, wattage, and output for your needs.  Tait TP9300 and TP9400 have a 2W speaker and the new TP9500 and TP9600 have a 3W speaker.  The detailed design of Tait speakers and mics creates a water-shedding grille so water cannot inhibit sound.

6.  Accessory Selection

Choice of accessories can enhance the audio of any radio in any environment, in both analog and digital modes.  Choose from a range of earpieces, headsets, and speaker microphones, appropriate for your role and environment with the Tait Accessory Selector.

7.  User Training

Following proper radio etiquette can make a big difference to received audio quality.  Free online training is available at Tait Radio Academy.

8.  RF Performance

Choose devices and network equipment that have the best RF performance.  Aspects such as selectivity and sensitivity can maximize coverage and minimize interference so that you can make and receive calls in more places.  Tait portables, mobiles, and base stations have industry leading RF performance meaning you can make and hear calls in more places.

9.  Services

Coverage Design and Verification Services help you to make and receive calls in more places.  The Tait Services team can advise on audio experience, product and accessory selection, configuration, and much more…

These 9 simple elements can have a large effect on your audio experience.  Be sure to select the right radios for your needs, and be sure to tailor and optimize these radios to achieve prime performance.


The Tait Tough range has grown!  Learn more about the new TP9500 (DMR) and TP9600 (P25) portable radios here.

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