Introducing the New Tait Rugged External Speaker [Video]

Rugged External Speaker

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of a new product, the Rugged External Speaker. Part of the Tait Accessories range, the Rugged External Speaker is a Tait Tough, water-shedding external cabin speaker that delivers high-quality, voice-optimized audio that is is louder and clearer than similar products of the same wattage when connected to a Tait TM9000 series mobile radio

Tait radio users work in some of the noisiest, most challenging environments imaginable, and that’s why we are dedicated to creating the loudest, clearest and toughest mission critical radios in the business. We ensure that you can rely on your equipment to work and calls to come through loud and clear, so you can do your job safely and efficiently. 

Custom-designed and engineered in-house at Tait, the new high-performance Rugged External Speaker was specifically developed to offer the quality, reliability and ruggedness our clients depend on.

Exceptional audio quality

Tait Rugged External Speaker

The new Tait Rugged External Speaker

Critical comms users work in harsh and high-noise environments where the ability to hear communications is essential, so loud and clear audio is of the utmost importance. The new Rugged External Speaker uses state-of-the-art twin-stacked neodymium magnets and polymer cone for increased efficiency and power-handling (15W) to deliver exceptional audio – making it ideal for use in very loud environments such as emergency response, mining, and transport.

Optimized for best-in-class voice intelligibility

A louder speaker is meaningless when what is being communicated cannot be understood. This is why Tait acoustically engineered the frequency response  of the Rugged External Speaker to enhance voice intelligibility – not only is it louder, it is also optimized for voice communications to ensure those cut through unwanted background noise. When compared to similar enclosed external speakers, the Rugged External Speaker is noticeably clearer and 5dB louder. 

Watch this audio performance comparison video to hear the new Rugged External Speaker in action against some competitor models.

IP67 rated with unique water-shedding grille

Rugged and durable equipment is vital for mission critical users, who depend on it in the most challenging situations. Suitable for use in the most demanding environments, the Rugged External Speaker is tough and weatherproof – IP67 rated for protection against water and dust – and features the distinct Tait Tough water-shedding grille for further protection and reliability. 

Suitable for mounting externally with Tait Tough compact housing

Tait Rugged External Speaker Bracket

The solid metal bracket allows for interior and exterior mounting

A solid metal mounting bracket allows the Rugged External Speaker to be mounted inside and outside of vehicles, and the compact glass-fibre reinforced nylon enclosure requires only minimal space for installation. The Rugged External Speaker has been designed and tested to perform under heavy vibration and carries our Tait Tough level of quality, so you can be sure it offers a level of durability and ruggedness you can depend upon. Watch Tait Tough equipment take some punishment.

Wire two speakers in parallel for increased volume and cut-through

When you’re working both inside and outside of your vehicle, one speaker might not be enough to clearly hear all communications. The Rugged External Speaker has a higher 8Ω impedance, allowing two speakers to be connected in parallel without overloading the output of Tait Mobile radios (10W into 4Ω). Whether you need increased loudness to cut through heavy background noise or need to increase the range of your communications to both inside and out your cabin, the Tait Rugged External Speaker has got you covered.


Tait Options & Accessories CatalogThe right accessories can improve usability and enhance the audio of any radio in any environment. To find high-quality accessories that can tailor and optimize the communications needs of your organization, have a look at our Options & Accessories Catalog. You can also find more information on the Rugged External Speaker here.


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