How to Integrate LMR and Smart Devices with PTToC

Would the people in your organization benefit from being connected to everyone on your network at any time, from any place, and through the device of their choice?  If so, then you need to hear about Tait TeamPTT – a PTToC solution that does exactly that.  

As Tait engineers observed the growth of smartphones and applications, they asked themselves, how can we provide every user in a mission critical organization the benefits of these new technologies?  How can we provide a transparent and user-friendly experience, and take advantage of the work tools and devices organizations are already familiar with?

It was from here that the concept of Tait TeamPTT was born.

Our Push-To-Talk-over-Cellular (PTToC) application, Tait TeamPTT, connects radio, cellular and WiFi networks so that users on any of these networks can instantly talk to each other.  You can use a range of devices such as smartphone, tablet, computer, or radio, and you’ll be ensured secure and reliable communications.

Follow the police force in our video to see an example of how Tait TeamPTT connects the users of different devices, tools, and networks to a critical LMR network.

So why choose Tait TeamPTT?

  • Choose your own devices and networks.
  • Be assured with mission critical features like SecurePTT, encryption, and emergency calls.
  • It’s fast and flexible to deploy.
  • Increase your coverage.
  • Connect from anywhere.
  • It’s easy to use.

Learn more about Tait TeamPTT at

The future of communications looks very different.  Already, many agencies are using a range of wireless networks, as they increasingly rely on data.  Undoubtedly this trend is set to continue…

Learn more in Your Guide to Unified Critical Communications, free to download here.


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