New Mining White Paper: Digging Deeper with Digital

This white paper from Tait Communications focuses on the resource extraction industry, and how companies are harnessing the power of digital communications to address falling revenue and profits. Driven by today’s communications revolution, these companies are assessing their options for critical communications and how they can help grow their future business.

For almost a decade, companies which made money out of digging for coal, iron ore, diamonds, gold and other commodities have tumbled from their position as $1.8 trillion market value leaders to investment losers, simply treading water to stay afloat. Over this time, demand dropped sharply, commodity prices slid, and investors withdrew – while operating costs remained high.

While pricing and demand remain outside the control of mining companies, the industrial problems they face present opportunities to reduce risk and take control of future business.

This free white paper summarizes the challenges this industry faces, describes solutions that have already been implemented, and validates the role that critical communications will play in the mines of the future.

Download this white paper for insights on:

  • Deep Fault Lines – Industry Challenges
  • Prospecting for New Solutions
  • Developing the Mine of the Future Today
  • Communications Now, and in the Mine of the Future
  • Mining Wireless Broadband
  • Bringing the Revolution Down to Earth
  • Where to From Here?

Click here to download your free copy of “Digging Deeper with Digital: How the resource extraction industry is harnessing the power of digital communications”.

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