Client Story: Tait digital radio helps keep Quitman safe

Quitman Fire District are the local fire department for Quitman, a small village located in the northwest corner of Jackson Parish, in the state of Louisiana, USA. The Fire Chief and 30 volunteers are responsible for the village’s firefighting, EMS, rescue calls, and fire prevention education.

The fire district had been operating on an old short range radio network, but found this to be unreliable. Read on to learn about the much improved Tait solution they’ve adopted.The old radios would frequently experience interference with those of other organizations, meaning that firefighters would have to wait for the the channel to free up before making a call. Every second is critical in an emergency, so Philip Brown, Fire Chief, enlisted Charlie Edwards from the Charlie Edwards LLC company to help put an end to their communication woes.

Charlie, a two-way land mobile radio specialist, came up with a solution using Tait powered* P25 TP9400 portable and TM9400 mobile radios which the firefighters were absolutely delighted with. Quitman Fire District now has clear coverage right across their territory – even in areas with no cellphone coverage – and without unintentional cross-over to other organizations’ frequencies. Watch the video below to get the full story, and see Charlie Edwards demonstrate the TP9400 being Tait Tough!

*Tait Powered Solutions are available exclusively from Harris Corporation in North America.

To learn more about Quitman Fire District’s story, visit their Client Story page or download their story as a PDF.

You can also learn more about what to consider when migrating from an analog LMR system to a digital standard like P25 by downloading our P25 Simulcast Coverage Explained whitepaper for free here.

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