Technology Partners and Customer Success

Our technology partners add important value to Tait solutions. We have a technology partner program, and members continually integrate with the latest Tait solutions. By working together with these partners, we seek to further support and deliver the outcomes that matter most to our clients. In this blog series, we focus on some of our key technology partners and take a look at how these solutions come to life and deliver value for our shared customers.


A Founding Partner of Tait’s Technology Partner Program, Avtec Inc. provides pure Internet Protocol (IP) dispatch console solutions for industries including public safety, transportation, utility, business and government markets.

Responsible for thousands of ScoutTM VoIP communications consoles installed worldwide, Avtec Inc. and Tait Communications collaborate to develop applications and solutions for use on the open standards based P25, DMR, and MPT-IP voice and data platforms.

Safety and accessibility are fundamental to the design and implementation of products designed by Avtec Inc. and Tait. Endorsed Technology Partner member products are developed and thrive in unison, always ensuring the safety of our customers.

Using an IP connection to the P25 network, Tait trunked P25 solutions integrate with Avtec’s Scout console to enable a full-featured and integrated AVL solution. This is a great example of collaboration between Tait and its technology partners, allowing Tait to provide a complete communications solution for its clients, and in turn engage in knowledge sharing to provide a mutually beneficial arrangement for both partners.

On less data-friendly systems, a subscriber must leave the control channel and move to a traffic channel when an IP data transaction is made on the P25 system. The subscriber unit is typically held for at least the duration of the ready timer, which has a default time of 10 seconds. The subscriber is unable to see any call announcements on the control channel during that time, resulting in the subscriber missing incoming calls, or late call entry when returning to the control channel and finding ongoing signaling.

Acknowledging this inefficiency, Tait developed its P25 Trunking core (the TN9400) to announce group calls between downlink voice packets on data channels. Not only does this feature enable users to see that group calls have begun and which channel the activity is taking place on, it also enables the mobile user to prioritize information, allowing for early data call termination and seamless entry into voice calls, reducing the amount of lost audio for that user.

Today’s capabilities provide autonomous location reporting on Tait P25 terminals. Easily configurable, Tait mobile and portable radios generate automated location updates based on events including distance travelled, time since last report, and when an emergency call is sent. Avtec Inc. and other Endorsed Partners add increased functionality to current capabilities to offer downlink location trigger and status messaging.

For a great example of product and partner integration, check out our Panola County case study. Located in Mississippi, Panola County needed a means of connecting the 14 fire departments and 5 law enforcement agencies they dispatch to. By unifying technologies, Tait Communications and Avtec Inc. provided an open standard, interoperable communications solution for Panola County, reducing costs and increasing coverage where it is needed most.

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