Connection Magazine 7 is now live!

Connection-7-Blog---300x300Did you know that Tait publishes a magazine that focusses on the latest thinking in Critical Communications? Issue 7 is now live, and you can read Connection on your desktop, or get the app for iOS or android.

Here is a note from the editor of Connection, Lorraine Bonisch:

Those of you who were around during the 70s might recall the enthusiasm at the time for predicting the future. I recall that the industry identified as most deserving of investment was – along with food – communications technology. The pundits who predicted the exponential growth of communications were certainly on the money, but I wonder if even they foresaw just how connected each and every one of us would become, both personally and professionally?

Fast forward a few decades, there were those who predicted the demise of LMR. Fortunately that prediction seems unlikely to come to fruition, as Geoff Peck explains in his feature article. Geoff describes how LMR – a technology with its roots in the first half of the 20th century – remains an integral part of 21st century communications solutions, alongside new technologies like LTE.

Will LTE be the Death of LMR?

As companies seek greater efficiencies and faster time to market, technology partnerships present some very tangible benefits in terms of development and increased market reach. Ellery Hurn, Tait Product Manager – Partnership Solutions, shares his experience.

In a similar vein, you can read about a multi-vendor P25 data capability solution, designed to improve vital communications for rural firefighters in the Australian outback.

Also in this issue, you can discover strategies to combat cyber attack, an expert’s guide to system testing and our usual roundup of technology, opinions and perspectives from the world of LMR. And as always, we welcome your contributions and opinions. Good reading.

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