Tait and Skycom Build Auckland-wide DMR Tier 3 Network

New Zealand Auckland Skyline Twilight Dramatic SkyOne of Tait’s largest and longest-standing partners in New Zealand is Auckland-based Skycom, which began nearly 20 years ago after being purchased directly from Sir Angus Tait.

Over the last decade, Skycom has offered repeater network coverage to customers off a single-site system on the iconic Auckland Sky Tower, but last year the company expanded its service with a new Tait DMR Tier 3 network covering the entire Auckland region.

One of the key design features of the new network is that it is managed by a central control component called a Node Controller, which automatically assigns channels, minimizes traffic, and offers better resiliency.

Skycom customers now have access to a radio platform that offers enhanced security at its core, supporting high-level encryption and user authentication, access control for devices and users, and full traffic logging and network access.

The new network can also provide GPS location and tracking services to customers so they have full visibility of people and assets out in the field.

Skycom Managing Director John Sullivan said: “Already we have a significant number of customers using the network and getting the benefits of the latest digital technology … Feedback has been extremely positive. Most of the customers have come off existing wide-area analog systems. They’re receiving similar coverage but with additional digital features like GPS tracking of their fleet.”

Learn more about the full Tait DMR Tier 3 solution and Skycom by reading our full client story.

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