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Tait Radio Academy - Watch Videos Learn Radio The experts here at Tait have worked together to launch a new online education program.

The Tait Radio Academy is part of our ongoing commitment to educating users of critical communications technology.

We have designed Tait Radio Academy as a one-stop shop for those looking to get a good basic understanding of the way different types of radio technology work.

Two courses are currently live and they cover basic radio awareness and an introduction to Digital Mobile Radio (DMR).

Watch the Tait Radio Academy Overview Video

Tait Radio Academy is the latest offering in Tait’s suite of educational resources and has been created to address the growing need for accessible training content.

Recognizing that more and more people would rather watch videos than read a manual, the Radio Academy has published dozens of videos around topics including wavelength, trunking, and coverage.

Critical communications networks are complicated and new technologies are always being developed. Whether you are buying a radio network for the first time or upgrading your existing system, it is vital that the communications teams understand how systems and hardware work.

Visit the Tait Radio Academy to See the Free Radio Courses

We will soon be launching courses that cover other specific topics like P25 and Fleet Management. The Tait Radio Academy courses are written by experts with decades of industry experience in education and radio technology.

Learning radio should suit your schedule, the site has been built to run on desktop, mobile, and tablet. Create an account and start one of the courses here.

Register for a course - Work towards a certificateEach course is free and video lessons can be watched online. You set the pace with online learning, learn what you want, when you want.

Registering is not required to watch the videos, but will give you additional access to study tools, including a guide, quizzes and certificates, and to collaborative learning through online forums.

See for yourself! To get started please visit the Tait Radio Academy.

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