UTC 2015 Tait wrap-up

UTC - 2015 - Tait Booth Wrap up Blog PostEarlier this month a few members of our Houston and Christchurch teams attended UTC 2015 in Atlanta. We had a great time and just wanted to give everyone who stopped by our booth a special thank you for visiting.

On display we had a Tait GridLink demo, and many people were interested to learn how it works. Learn more about our distribution automation solution.

The Tait booth also had a DMR Tier 3 system operating. In order to demonstrate Tait Toughness, one of the radios on the network spent the entire trade show under water.

The only time it came out was when a visitor wanted to test the radio and make sure it was still working (don’t worry, it was!)

Tait AVL, DMR Access and Express, Service Advantage, EnableFleet, and Tait Tough also featured on the booth. For a very quick tour, watch this video below and for more info check out the overview videos from the UTC post:

Perhaps the tastiest part of the booth was the free M&Ms we gave away. These pieces of chocolate reminded everyone that they can achieve more with Tait DMR Tier 3, the digital radio standard that allows you to transmit both voice and data.

If you didn’t get any M&Ms yourself, then don’t worry, we’ll have more at the next trade show!

If you have any questions from the event you would like to follow up on, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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