Proudly supporting our Public Safety clients and the communities they serve

We feel proud and fortunate to be able to support and work alongside so many inspirational individuals, groups and organizations who are also dedicated to ensuring safer and more resilient communities. We share the devotion to this cause and are proud of the supporting role we play in providing critical communications and services that help the people who keep each of us, our friends, our families and properties safe.

The mission set for us by our founder Sir Angus Tait is to ‘build lasting benefits for our clients and the communities in which we operate’. While we strive to do this in the products and services we deliver, we also look for ways to give something back to our clients who do so much for us all.

Tait Communications - Devoted to your causeThroughout 2014 there have been a number of community initiatives that Tait is proud to support as a sponsor, including:

The biennial 2014 Australasian Police and Emergency Services Games was held in April in Melbourne, Australia over the Easter break. There were 5,517 entries to the 52 sports offered with front line personnel taking a well-deserved break and competing in their personal time. The Games promote friendly competition and inter-agency camaraderie in addition to providing a great cultural, sporting and social experience for all involved. Tait is proud to be one of the major sponsors of the Games, as well as providing TP9400 portable radios to the organizers to ensure safe and smooth running of the events.

Things got physical for Tait at the 2014 Sky Tower Stair Challenge in Auckland, New Zealand, where we were not only sponsoring but also competing in this event! More than 700 competitors wearing the full fire ‘kit’ (weighing in at a massive 25kg!) climbed 1,103 steps to reach the top of the Sky Tower. During the challenge Tait gave live demonstrations of the innovative BioLink application, worn by three competitors as they climbed the Sky Tower.

2014 Skytower challenge fire and rescue watch biolink

Attendees monitor the BioLink application in use at the Sky Tower Stair Challenge in Auckland.

During their climb, the BioLink enabled our engineers to keep an eye on the firefighters’ heart rate, movement and core temperature from the tower base, to make sure they stayed within the safe range as they gave it everything to reach the top of the tower.

In “BioLink – Round 2” Tait is supporting the inaugural 2014 Melbourne Firefighter Stair Climb, held in September, providing comms to the event organizers and with more competitors taking advantage of the BioLink application. Similar to the Sky Tower Stair Challenge, Melbourne career and volunteer firefighters will compete to see who is the fastest to ascend 28 flights of stairs in full structural firefighting protective clothing and wearing self-contained breathing apparatus!

These athletes (and they really are!) are incredible and it’s a fantastic event that aiming to raise $100,000 for the local Alfred Hospital Burns Unit to assist in upgrading equipment and facilities and to further enhance Melbourne’s world-class burns facility.

The 2014 Australasian Road Rescue Organization (ARRO) challenge is an event that directly leads to improved community safety where Fire and Emergency teams from around the Asia-Pacific region gather to learn and practice the latest techniques for road crash rescue operations. Tait was proud to provide the radio comms to the event organizers and support this event.

2013 Australasian Council of Women and Policing event

Attendees at the 2013 Australasian Council of Women and Policing Awards.

Coming up soon on the calendar is the Australasian Council of Women and Policing’s (ACWAP) Excellence in Policing Awards, which publicly acknowledges and rewards the achievements of the women and men who are making policing better for women.

We’ll be there on the 25th of August to present the “Excellence in Policing for Women’s Initiative” award for the third year in a row and look forward to celebrating all the achievements on the night.

Mobile Police Community Office

The Queensland Mobile Policing Community Office was launched in August 2014.

Lastly, a brand new innovative initiative – the Queensland Mobile Police Community Office (MPCO) – was launched in August and we’re very excited to be a sponsor.

The MPCO can attend areas where no police station exists or where people have trouble getting to their local police station, and benefits the Queensland Police Service by increasing its mobility thereby increasing access to the community and information sources, particularly in high priority areas.

Read more on the launch of the Queensland Mobile Police Community Office.

We can’t wait to see this project out and about in our local communities and to see how else Tait can support our clients and their causes.


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